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Annual Percentage Rate:


Initial Grace Period

12 months
Post Deferment Grace Period None
Repayment Period 10 Years

Deferment Types:
(Please refer to your promissory note for detailed information)

  1. Active Duty in the Uniformed Services (maximum deferment is 3 years)
  2. Peace Corp Volunteer (maximum deferment is 3 years)
  3. Full-time study at a Health Professional School eligible for participation in the Loans for Disadvantaged Students progam
  4. Medical internship or Residency program
  5. Separated from New York University with the intent of returning to New York University as a full-time student (maximum deferment is 2 years)
  6. Fellowship Training Program which is directly related to the Health Profession for which the student prepared for at New York University and began service in within 12 months after the completion of Advanced Professional Training (maximum deferment is 2 years)