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2010 News & Events

International Cultural Engagement

October 4, 2010
The John Brademas Center hosted a private dinner with leaders in cultural diplomacy following a joint symposium on the topic at the Phillips Collection with the Aspen Institute.

An Evening with Lara Logan

September 19, 2010
Dr. Ben-Meir and Ms. Logan discuss the Arab Spring, focusing on the progress made in Egypt since the ousting of President Mubarak and its impact in the Arab world; the repercussions of United States policy in Afghanistan and how the U.S. can best achieve its goals there; and the current situation in Iran and its potential to become a nuclear power.

Constitution Day 2010

September 14, 2010
To celebrate the history of this living document, join Founding Father Thomas Jefferson and special guest former Congressman Mickey Edwards, who will present a lecture on the role of the Constitution in today's America.

4th Annual Bernard and Irene Schwartz Lecture on Congress

April 19, 2010
The 4th Annual Bernard and Irene Schwartz Lecture on Congress will examine the motivations, policies and strategies employed to move the health care bill through Congress and to the President’s desk for signature. An expert panel will discuss the role of the major players, the meaning of this legislation for our country, and the impact it will have on the American people.

Culture as a Tool: Diplomacy and International Exchange in the 21st Century

March 25, 2010
New York University’s Student Network Exploring Arts and Culture (SNEAC) and the John Brademas Center for the Study of Congress Present a Conversation: “Culture as a Tool: Diplomacy and International Exchange in the 21st Century.”

An Evening with Jim Leach, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities

March 4, 2010
National Endowment for the Humanities Chairman Jim Leach launched a fifty-state tour in November 2009 to call attention to the need for civility in public discourse. “Civilization requires civility,” says Leach. “Words matter. Polarizing attitudes can jeopardize social cohesion.”  Leach will discuss the role civility plays in public discourse during his visit to NYU.

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