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2009 News & Events

Robert Kaiser Discusses His New Book: So Damn Much Money

September 22, 2009
Come join Robert Kaiser of the Washington Post discuss his new book, “So Damn Much Money: The Triumph of Lobbying and the Corrosion of American Government.”

Constitution Day 2009

September 17, 2009
To celebrate the history of the Constitution, join a discussion between Tom Mann, an congressional scholar with the Brookings Institution and Norm Ornstein, a political scientist and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. Tom and Norm will discuss the "Rebalancing of Constitutional Powers of the Executive and Legislative Branches: A Status Report on the New Obama Administration.

Moving Forward: A Renewed Role for American Arts and Artists in the Global Age

January 26, 2009
Our purpose is to celebrate how the Art and Artifacts Indemnity Act has been a precedent of federal support for the arts on an international level for over three decades.  To do this, in the spirit of renewed support for restoring the centrality of both the visual and performing arts on a national level, we hope to have a lively discussion to consider how it can be reinvigorated and enlarged for individual/private and governmental/public diplomacy initiatives, including how the Act can be expanded to better support the visual arts.  

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