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Events & Excursions

Events and Excursions

Excursions are an integral part of living abroad, and NYU Berlin students visit the many historical and cultural sites in and around Berlin. The music scene in Berlin is rich and varied; the city boasts three opera houses and five symphonies, and music lovers will be happy to discover that tickets are usually inexpensive.

You’ll never lack for things to do in Berlin: dozens of magnificent museums, two great zoos, three large universities, various academies of art and music, over 50 theatres, hundreds of movie houses, and many cafes, pubs, galleries, clubs and discos. Numerous restaurants and outdoor markets reflect the city’s growing ethnic mix. You’ll be introduced to the rich cultural resources the city has to offer, including activities that range from visits to museums and castles, film screenings, and guest lectures to dramatic and musical performances.  Aside from walking tours and boat tours on Berlin’s River Spree or its many canals and lakes—Berlin has more bridges than Venice!—excursions include day trips to nearby cities, such as Leipzig, Dresden, Weimar, and Hamburg.

Some of these excursions are required components of your course work and are included in the cost of your tuition. Other, optional day trips have additional fees, but are quite affordable.