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At NYU Berlin, we encourage your academic and creative explorations to foster and support what is already so present in the atmosphere of this amazing city; that is, a deep and profound commitment to cultural understanding, constructive reflection, and creativity.

As students studying and exploring the city, Berlin itself will invite you to challenge previously formed notions about the world and yourself, complicating and expanding your knowledge, curiosity, and self-awareness along the way. It is a place that implores participation, that requires the active, that demands an intent and ready engagement in the societal, ethical, and cultural questions forming the lifeblood of Berlin's unique environment. In return, the city will welcome you as one of its own, adopting you into its diverse and vibrant community with open arms.

Student Life at NYU Berlin is about supporting you as you explore how to tell your own story as your experience expands. Our staff and faculty expect only as much as the city of Berlin itself, and each semester, each year, our students top these expectations and add their very own to the ever-changing dialogue of the city. Coming out of their time in Berlin, our students not only have a greater and more nuanced perspective on society and the world, but they also have a new community and a new home. They are New Berliners. 


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