Special Programs

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Art & Art History in Berlin

Berlin is home to the most innovative contemporary art scene in Europe, and includes an ever expanding expatriate art community. Berlin artists engage the students in the local art scene through gallery openings and visits to artists' studios. Classes are often experimental and interdisciplinary in nature featuring performances, installations, and visits from local art stars. In addition to studio courses, students can enroll in art history courses which use the city as a classroom exploring Berlin's many museums and rich architectural history.

NYU Berlin's Studio space is located at St. Agnes in Kreuzberg. If you plan on taking art classes, make sure to check out all the information on the space. Art Studio Information

If you are interested in the architectural history of the development of St. Agnes, in which our studio is a small part, be sure to check out this NPR Documentary!  

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The Department of Sociology offers courses that draw on German history through the analysis of major social theorists and seek to explain the factors that have influenced the city’s present-day social constructs.  The fall of the Berlin Wall paved the way for German unification and resulted in many societal economic and cultural conflicts.  At NYU Berlin, students can take a number of sociology courses in which topics such as Germany's political history, the politics of the European Union, Europe’s relationship with the U.S., as well as sociological theory and the teachings of major German-speaking philosophers are examined in depth.  


Urban and Environmental Studies

Modern-day Germany and its capital Berlin are a center for progressive urban planning and environmental policies. Courses at NYU Berlin investigate the history of Berlin's approach to urban planning and the connection of Berlin's current urban trends with wideworld phenomena.


Cross-site Degree Programs

Many NYU schools and departments offer special global track degree programs. These programs are designed to give students unique global experience in their field of study and often involve studying abroad at multiple locations. Students in the program listed below offer courses outside of New York.