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Dr. Gabriella Etmektsoglou

Dr. Gabriella Etmektsoglou

As Director of NYU Berlin since 2010, Gabriella oversees its academic and administrative activities and develops relationships with local and international Universities and research institutions. Before joining NYU she taught subjects in Modern European History in universities in the U.S., Europe, and in Australia. She is a founding member of the National Peace Academy and committed to reshaping higher education, especially Global education, so that it becomes a central driver in creating a more humane and sustainable world. She is also continuing her research and writing on the Holocaust in Greece and on narratives of self-victimization in present-day Germany.  

Dr. Roland Pietsch

Assistant Director for Academics
Dr. Roland Pietsch

As Assistant Director for Academics, Roland assists the Director in the delivery of the academic programs and is responsible for managing the provisions of student and faculty services. Before joining NYU in 2011, he taught modern history at the University of London (Queen Mary) and worked as a historian for television documentaries. He has published widely on maritime and youth history; his current research project investigates the connection of masculinity and mental health among sailors in the 18th/19th-century navy, which is supported by a fellowship of the British National Maritime Museum. Roland is a born Berliner and good local history source for NYU students. All academic pursuits aside, he still counts as his most memorable achievement having once been the manager of a music venue.

Linn Friedrichs

Assistant Director for Student Life
Linn Friedrichs

As Assistant Director for Student Life at NYU Berlin, Linn oversees the Student and Residential Life divisions in charge of, for instance, cultural events, student leadership opportunities, student conduct, health education and emergency response as well as community development. She interfaces with local and global university staff to create a more sustainable, resiliency-based learning culture for emerging cosmopolitans. Linn fell in love with Berlin in 2004 and with New York City in 2008, appreciating both cities for their unforgiving, yet engaging vibrancy, their people, and art and music scenes. She holds an M.A. in American Studies, Modern History, and Political Science. Her research for her PhD thesis, grounded in but moving beyond her work at NYU Berlin, focuses on curriculum development in the larger context of the internationalization of American Higher Education.

Katrin Dettmer

Arts Coordinator
Dr. Katrin Dettmer

As the Arts Coordinator for NYU Berlin, Katrin coordinates the Tisch Special Program, “Stanislavsky, Brecht and Beyond,” which offers an integrated approach to actor training, including scene work, movement, voice, rigorous actor oriented dramaturgical research, and participation of the FIND plus workshop program at the Schaubühne. In addition to teaching a class on 20th century German theater, Katrin also organizes Q&As with theater makers in Berlin and serves as point of contact for art projects and end of semester exhibitions at the St. Agnes campus. Before joining NYU Berlin in 2015, Katrin taught German literature at Brown University and Leuphana Universität Lüneburg and has been working as a dramaturg for a variety of productions, both in the US and in Germany.

Dr. Sara Zeugmann

Wellness Counselor
Dr. Sara Zeugmann

As the onsite Wellness Counselor, Sara is responsible for all mental health related needs at NYU Berlin. She provides counseling and therapy in individual and group settings, clinical assessments, crisis intervention,  facilitation of emergency mental health services, and also assists students in obtaining psychiatric or specialty psychological services if needed.  Additionally, she also provides wellness education to students geared towards self-care, psychological as well as physical health.

Sara is a fully-licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, and holds a PhD in psychoneuroimmunology. Before joining the NYU Berlin team in 2015, she worked in clinical settings and in private practice. Next to her position as NYUB's Wellness Counselor, Sara teaches psychotherapy and works as a supervisor.

Sara is from Berlin and to her the city means home.  She loves the mishmash of people that come here and the sensation of never having seen all there is to see.

Photograph of André Bretzke

Finance and Operations Manager
André Bretzke

As Finance & Operations Manager for  NYU Berlin, André oversees the financial and operational side of the site. Before joining NYU Berlin, André worked in the finance and public accounting sector in Atlanta, GA for several years.  
He studied in Berlin as well as in Idaho and holds an undergraduate degree in Business law and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the HTW Berlin. André was born and raised in Berlin and therefore feels strongly connected to his home town and its people. In his free time he enjoys the outdoors, especially long walks with his dog and to discover new places around Berlin.


Denise Uhl

Language Coordinator
Denise Uhl

Denise is responsible for the German language program at NYU Berlin. She coordinates the language courses and implements a variety of extra- and co-curricular activities like tutorials and language-based field trips. Denise has a degree in German Studies from the Free University of Berlin. She has been working with international students since 2006 and has worked at NYU Berlin since September 2009. 

Photo Lars Zander

Academic Coordinator, Special Programs
Lars Zander

Before joining NYU Berlin Lars has taught music and educational science for students at Humboldt Universität and Freie Universität in Berlin. With strong roots in the Berlin music scene, he has been traveling the world collecting and sharing inspiring experiences with renowned national and international musicians that now feed into his position as Academic Coordinator, in which Lars organizes the Recorded Music Program and other Special Programs for NYU Berlin.

Lygia Müller

Senior Program Coordinator
Lygia Müller

Lygia is NYU Berlin’s Senior Program Coordinator. Though born in Berlin, she has also lived in three other German Bundesländern, in Paris, in Nice, in Kalamazoo (MI) and in Las Vegas (NV). Before joining NYU, Lygia received a M.A. in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Western Michigan University and gained four years of work experience in international student services. She is passionate about traveling, trying out foreign restaurants, and exploring neighborhood shops and bakeries. What fascinates her most about Berlin are the changes in pace from one borough to another.

Dominik Fungipani

Special Programs Coordinator
Dominik Fungipani

Dominik is Special Projects Coordinator and as such responsible for summer programs and J-Terms, as well as IT, design and others at NYU Berlin. Like so many, he originally moved to Berlin to study and would not want to leave again. He holds a Magister (think master's degree) in North American Studies, Philosophy and Media Studies from Freie Universität Berlin. As he wrote his thesis on the changing way of narration in US television, he has a special connection to the American way of storytelling. Dominik also spend a year studying at Duke University and while there was chosen to direct a student-run production of "Hair" which made him fell in love with musicals. He cannot sing, but invites you to come by any time and offer your rendition of "Good Morning Starshine".



Student Life Administrator
Ngoc-Le Nguyen

As Student Life Administrator, Ngoc-Le provides NYU students with the administrative support required for a smooth and successful academic experience in Berlin. As such, she processes local police registration, university enrolment and visa applications for incoming students. In addition, she assists in planning and organizing student programming and is responsible for communicating with students on all matters regarding student life activities. Born and raised in Berlin, she is fascinated by the vibrant and cosmopolitan diversity the city and its manifold communities have to offer. Before joining NYU Berlin in 2017, Ngoc-Le studied North American Studies with a focus on Sociology and Political Science and worked at the Student Exchange Office at Freie Universität Berlin. She furthered her interest in American society and transatlantic relations during her time as an international student in both Olympia, Washington State, and Chicago, Illinois.

Photo Franziska Kabelitz

Program Assistant
Franziska Kabelitz

Franziska serves as Program Assistant, assisting NYU Berlin's administrative and operational flow. Originally from the northern part of Germany, she completed her undergraduate degree in the US and studied abroad in Cairo. During her undergraduate years she formed part of American University's (Washington, DC) International Student Leadership Team, and has since become highly interested in international student services and exchange. Since arriving in Berlin in 2015, Franziska has fallen in love with this dynamic city and keeps exploring its vibrant neighborhoods, history, bars and art scene. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading, swimming as well as learning languages. In the summer, she can be found barbecuing at the Tempelhofer Feld airfield or trying to raise a stubborn olive tree on her balcony.

Julia Rogers

Program Assistant for Academics
Julia Rogers

As Program Assistant for Academics, Julia supports the administration of academic student and faculty services.  She also runs NYU Berlin’s reading room, and can assist students with questions about using other libraries in Berlin for their research. Prior to joining NYU Berlin, Julia taught English in Berlin and in the US. She holds a M.Ed. in Intercultural Education from  Freie Universität Berlin where her academic focus was on adult literacy and language acquisition. Although Berlin is home, it remains a fascinating and inspiring place as a result of its ever-changing landscape, population and the wealth of cultural opportunities.

Catharina von Bredow

Residential Life Coordinator
Catharina von Bredow

Catharina is NYU Berlin’s Residential Life Coordinator. After growing up in a small town in Northern Germany, she left in 1998 to study in Brighton, England, and has since lived and worked in many different countries and cultures. While at university in England she spent a year working in Paraguay and Argentina. After university she lived in both Italy and the UK. More recently Catharina has worked as a field guide and safari camp manager in South Africa and Kenya. She enjoys the outdoors, travel to distant places, as well as exploring the local history and culture of wherever she calls home.
Catharina holds a BA in International Business from the University of Brighton and a MA in Translation Studies from Heidelberg University.
After many years abroad, Catharina has moved to Berlin and is delighted to use her first-hand experience of living and working in new destinations and different cultures to assist the students to settle into their new home away from home.

Karen Welsch

Campus Coordinator at St. Agnes
Karen Welsch

Karen is Campus Coordinator at St. Agnes, NYU Berlin's studio and classroom space in Kreuzberg. She holds a MA degree in North American studies, English Literature and Marketing from Paderborn University with a one year study abroad experience at the University of Oklahoma. Her first glimpse at American life however, was much earlier during an exchange year in High School in Minnesota. Her past work engagements have brought her to wonderful places such as Tanzania, Australia and Scotland where she spent two years working in student recruitment before joining NYU Berlin. Karen loves the outdoors and has volunteered extensively with the National Trust. She likes traveling to foreign places just as much as exploring the sights and nature on her doorstep and she delighted to be part of the students' Berlin experience.

Photo Esther

Resident Assistant
Esther Ottenbreit

Esther is one of NYU Berlin’s full-time Resident Assistants. Born and raised in Germany, she loves to travel all over the world, explore foreign countries, and meet people from different cultural backgrounds. During her B.A. studies in Comparative Linguistics and Translation, she spent a semester as an international student and German language tutor in Boise, Idaho, which she enjoyed tremendously. After completing an M.A. in Intercultural Europe and America Studies, her fondness of travel inspired her to go on a three-month backpacking trip through various countries in South East Asia as well as Australia. Grateful for the unforgettable experiences she made abroad, Esther is excited to help students coming to Berlin feel welcome in their new home and explore the various facets of German culture, thus spending a memorable and rewarding time in this amazing city.

Kathryn Endahl Photo

Resident Assistant
Kathryn Endahl

Kathryn (Katy) joined NYU Berlin as a full-time Resident Assistant in Fall 2017. Originally from Michigan, she received her B.A. in International Studies and German from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. After graduation she spent a year abroad as an au pair in rural Austria, where she learned to ski and speak “Austrian.” Afterwards she began a transatlantic masters program in Political Science through the University of North Carolina that brought her to Chapel Hill, Ankara, and Berlin. Having fallen in love with the dynamic intersection of politics, art, and history that Berlin embodies, she stayed after finishing the program and has been here since 2015. In her free time, she enjoys singing in various ensembles throughout the city as well as traveling to new places.


Resident Assistant
Nicole Dzikowski

Nicole joined NYU Berlin as a part-time Resident Assistant in January 2018 and is currently finishing her degree in Sociocultural Anthropology at Freie Universität.

Originally of Polish descent, she grew up in Berlin where her bilingual education sparked a fascination with the diversity of cultures and languages. Her profound love for sunshine and the American way of life brought her to Long Beach, California, where she spent a high school year and, following her first yoga session, developed an interest in holistic medicine and mindfulness. Nicole studied European languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, and French as well as more challenging ones like Hindi and Quechua. After a study abroad experience in Portugal in 2017, Nicole is now excited to assist international students as they explore her home city.


New York Site Representative
Colby Hepner

phone: 212-998-4433