The Liberal Studies Program accepts a maximum of 32 credits of advanced standing. Advanced standing credits are college credits earned before entering NYU, either through college-level work or through examination. NYU college credit may be awarded for satisfactory work completed in a few different ways:


Satisfactory work completed at another accredited college or university

Credit by examination, which includes AP, IB, and the results of some foreign maturity examinations




Liberal Studies students interested in having their work reviewed for possible NYU college credit should follow the following steps.


  1. Read below for issues to consider in having college credit posted to their student account.

  2. Consult the bulletin of their respective, intended BA school (CAS, Steinhardt, etc.) for information about whether or not their advanced standing credits will count toward a particular requirement (typically only in the case of science or math exams). LS students can consult this page for Advanced Standing equivalencies.  

  3. Request your AP scores from College Board and have them sent to UG Admissions.

  4. Come to the Advising Center to fill out and submit the Request for Advanced Standing Form to have credits posted.



Students should consider whether or not they want to have their advanced standing credits posted, especially vis-a-vis how it may affect their eligibility for Financial Aid.  Please use the following points to inform your decision on having your credits posted to your account:


  • CREDITS TOWARD REQUIREMENTS: Advanced standing credits, especially those for science or math, may count toward particular program, department, and university requirements. Students can consult the links below for more information about how their credits may count, but should likely consult with the Liberal Studies Program Advising staff for information tailored specifically to them and their program goals.


  • REQUIRED COURSES FROM WHICH ADVANCED STANDING WILL NOT EXEMPT YOU: Advanced standing credits may not be used to exempt from the Liberal Studies core of Writing I and II, Social Foundations I, II, and III, or Cultural Foundations I, II, or III. In addition, advanced standing will not exempt GLS students from their Global Cultures requirement.


  • REGISTRATION DAY AND TIME: The University's Registrar assigns the registration days and times based on the number of earned credits, including advanced standing credits, posted to a student's account (the more credits, the earlier the day and time of registration within the week). For more information about the Registrar's policy, students can visit the Registrar's website here.


  • FINANCIAL AID IMPLICATIONS: In keeping with Federal policy on the requirement for Satisfactory Academic Progress, accepted credit points from advanced standing are considered to be completed credits toward a limit of four full-time semesters spent in Liberal Studies for two-year students before transition and toward a limit of eight full-time semesters spent in Global Liberal Studies before graduation. Each set of 16 credits accepted from any combination of these sources counts as one earned semester of financial aid toward the degree. For more information about this policy, students should consult with representatives in NYU's Office of Financial Aid either by phone at 212-998-4444 or via email at Students should make sure to include their name and N number in any correspondence.


  • A NOTE FOR PREHEALTH STUDENTS: Students intending to apply to medical, veterinary, and dental schools (or another of the pre-health programs) should consult with Eva Bacevice,  the Liberal Studies Prehealth Advisor, regarding any science or math credit they may have. More information can also be found under "Pre-health courses" on the following website.




Credit may be awarded for satisfactory work completed at another accredited college or university. In granting advanced standing, the following are considered: the content, complexity, and grading standards of courses taken elsewhere; individual grades and grade averages attained by the applicant; the suitability of courses taken elsewhere for the program of study chosen for NYU; and the degree of preparation that completed courses provide for more advanced study at NYU.


  • Point credit toward the degree is given only for a grade of B or better and provided that the credit fits into the selected program of study and courses that were completed within the past 10 years.

  • Quarter hours will be converted to semester hours to determine the number of credits transferable to NYU. Credits based on semester hours will be transferred at face value to NYU.

To be considered for credit, students must follow the steps posted under Advanced Standing as well as send their official college transcript for review to the Liberal Studies Advising Center, 726 Broadway, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10003-2339].



Useful Links:

Credit by Examination (other exams: IB, A-level, etc.)



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