The Liberal Studies fall or spring semester internship class incorporates academic work, classroom discussion, and a student's practical experience at an internship site, to integrate classroom education with real world experience. Students meet as a class on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to reflect on their experiences, their expectations, and their work.


The Liberal Studies summer internship class is a one on one experience with a faculty director. Students must find a Liberal Studies faculty member who agrees to oversee their internship experience. This faculty director will assign academic work to help the student gain the most out of their internship.


Sophomores in good standing in the Liberal Studies Core Program may receive credit for an internship. First year students are not eligible for internship credit.

Internship Guidelines

As part of an intensive liberal arts curriculum, it is important that internships in the Liberal Studies Program situate the student in an interdisciplinary, challenging, and flexible environment. During the course of the internship, students are strongly encouraged to develop their knowledge of their field of interest, communication abilities, and analytical/critical thinking. Ideally, internships will train students in a variety of methodologies and promote self–confidence. The internships should also familiarize students with ethical procedures and restrictions within the organization. Internships may be in governmental, corporate, or non-profit/non-governmental organizations.

All Liberal Studies internships:

  • Must be conducted in New York City
  • Involve 8–15 hours per week of work either on site or at a location directly related to the internship's duties
  • Structured as an apprenticeship (skills and responsibilities increase over the course of the internship)
  • Incorporate a research component
  • Provide opportunities to use academic skills (e.g. writing, analysis, computer literacy, public speaking)
  • Require variety of assignments that include progressively challenging tasks/assignments
  • Engage intern in a culture of teamwork and collaboration
  • Encourage autonomous decision–making and production
  • Give intern opportunities for synthesizing knowledge and information


Internship Proposal Form

Internship Agreement (Unpaid)

Internship Agreement (Paid)

Insurance Form



1. Find an internship. Students who need assistance finding an internship may contact the Wasserman Center for Career Development. Please note that internships outside of New York City are not eligible for academic credit through Liberal Studies.

2. Find a faculty director (for summer internships only). Faculty directors are any Liberal Studies faculty member who agrees to oversee your internship. Fall/Spring internships do NOT need to complete this step.


3. Fill out paperwork. There are four forms that need to be completed, with all appropriate signatures.

4. Turn in paperwork for review by deadline date. Once all four internship forms are completed and signed, they may be filed with Academic Advisor, Chriag Patel <chirag.patel@nyu.edu> at the Liberal Studies Academic Advising office. The last day on which the forms may be filed is the Friday of the first week of the semester.

5. If approved, the Liberal Studies office will register you for the internship class you have selected.

Assessment and Grading

  • Students will attend a semester long class where they will be expected to engage in classroom discussions. (Fall/Spring internships only).
  • Students are expected to complete all coursework assigned by professor.
  • Internship is graded on a Pass/Fail basis.







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