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What are the basic rules?

  • Student education records are considered confidential and may not be released without the written consent of the student.
  • As a faculty, administrator, or staff member you have a responsibility to protect all items contained in an education record of a student.
  • You have access to student education records and the information contained therein only for legitimate use in completion of your responsibilities as a university employee. Need to know is the basic principle.
  • Some personally identifying information regarding a student is considered "directory information." This information may be released without the student's written permission, and is usually done through the Office of the University Registrar or the Office of Academic Program Review. Students may choose to consider this information confidential by filing a Request to Withhold Disclosure of Directory Information with the Office of the University Registrar.
  • At NYU, directory information includes name, dates of attendance, NYU school or college, class, previous institution(s) attended, major field of study, full or part-time status, degree(s) conferred (including dates), honors and awards, past and present participation in officially recognized activities. E-mail address and NetID are also considered directory information, but for internal purposes only. Directory information does not include mailing address, or telephone numbers.
  • However, under federal law, for purposes of military recruitment, address (mailing address but not e-mail), telephone listings, and age are considered directory information.
  • Always refer requests for student information to the Office of the Registrar, 212.998.4805.

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