NYU Alumni & Friends Connect

May 24, 2019

Washington Square Park

Test the limits of your Violet mettle (and Violet pride!) with the NYU Alumni Scavenger Hunt. The entire hunt (with the exception of bonus questions) takes place within Washington Square Park. Up for the challenge? Send us your answers (with photo and/or video proof of each answer) and you'll be entered to win a Violet Prize Pack, full of NYU swag.

The Rules

• For each task, you must provide photo/video proof of you/your team in the correct spot.
• All of these riddles can be solved inside the park EXCEPT the bonus questions, which can be solved within a two-block radius of the park.
• No Googling or otherwise looking up answers.

The Hunt

  1. And so the scavenger hunt we begin, find the perfect place to be a hungry vegan (in the park). (1 pt)
  2. Students would never dare, but what do you care? Go on and march. (1 pt)
  3. You'll need eyes of a hawk for this. Point us to where Bobby lives. (2 pt)
  4. You can’t Rook him, he’s too clever for that… and if you move too quickly, you might have to Pawn your hat. Take a photo at his hangout. (1 pt)
  5. We'll always remember him and things that were. Tell the time at the place of our beloved timekeeper. (2 pt)
  6. It's only a rule if everyone follows. Where does it say no dogs in the fountain? Nobody knows! Find the rule. (1 pt)
  7. Bessemer steel earned him a bronze. Take a photo with him. (2 pts)
  8. I've lived in this park for about 338 years, just long enough for the legend to haunt...but that's what it is, a legend for the students and neighbors to taunt! So don't be afraid if you see a bug, just come give me a hug. (1 pt)
  9. Take a photo of the flower that has the most NYU pride. (1 pt)
  10. A little birdy told me that Paul loves pigeons without refrain. Let's all dance down what he calls "Bird Lane." (1pt)
  11. Grab your camera and start looking for letters in the park all around. Spell out ALUMNI with only things found. Take photos of each letter, can be separate photos. No using existing signs for letters! (3 pts)
  12. In 2020, I’ll have lived here for my 100th year, still to this day Pvt. Daniel Esposito is a person I revere. (2 pts)
  13. Find the stump that looks like it’s covered in warts. (1 pt) Then, go left and take a photo with a tall guy who probably liked forts. (1 pt)
  14. Four steps up we go happily, to a photo in mountain pose like the yogis. (1 pt)


  1. If you are willing and able, pretend you're riding a horse in front of an 18th-century stable. Take a video. (2 pts)
  2. Her influence on NYU was Paramount for sure, but where is her door? Take a photo. (2 pts)
  3. Many people Rave about his poetry. Show us where he slept the night this line was published for all to see? "Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary." Take a photo in front of the building and tell the fact checker the address. (2 pts)