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December 15, 2018

Written by: Abbey Wilson (GSAS ’19)

Snow, particularly in cities, is often seen more as a nuisance than a celebration. Cars need to be dug out of snow banks and the roads become slippery, which means drivers get more agitated. Sidewalks become hazardous, it’s too cold to linger outdoors, and visibility drops. The subway slows down or stops working, making getting to class or work difficult. Snow gets dirty and slushy very quickly, losing its pretty pristine whiteness. But despite all this, winter in New York City is a magical sight.

All over the city, holiday displays go up in store windows, to the delight of many, and the tree in Rockefeller Center is lit. Bryant Park and Union Square host holiday markets where you can find gifts for everyone on your list and enjoy delicious treats.

NYU is not immune to the joy that winter can bring. We may not have a traditional campus, but you can see students strolling through snowy Washington Square Park or dodging flurries on their way to class. You may even see (or start!) a snowball fight or two among students as they brave the cold. During the snowstorm this November, people could be seen walking through the park taking photos and building snowmen.

Even in the midst of finals week, students make time to take in New York in wintertime.


Though the university is closed by the time Christmas rolls around, students still feel the holiday spirit from the rest of the city. They may decorate their dorms with wreaths and lights, down holiday-themed drinks from Starbucks, or listen to carols while they study. Chatter about holiday plans fill the halls of NYU as the semester winds down.

Hanukkah usually falls within the last weeks of fall semester and to celebrate, the Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life often holds a candle lighting on the steps of the Kimmel Center for the first night. Students who have kitchens may attempt to make latkes to pair with applesauce or sour cream. Mailrooms in dorms may see an influx of packages over the eight-day holiday as parents send presents to kids who can’t make it home.

The end of a semester means one thing for students at universities all over the country—finals. Whether it’s exams, papers, or presentations the end of December signals a time where students spend their days buried in their classwork. The library sees an influx of students staying for hours and competing for the best study spots. This is the last hurdle to cross before the holiday break and there is an anticipation in the air as more students complete their last assignments.