Bobcat coloring page

Who says coloring is just for kids? Grab your colored pencils and markers, and express your Violet Pride through these downloadable NYU-themed coloring pages!

Also, be sure to post a photo or scanned image of your finished page(s) on social media and tag @NYUAlumni. We’ll feature your completed artwork alongside finished pages from other alumni around the world in a digital coloring album you can view, share, and use as inspiration for other playful projects while staying at home!

Ready to get started? Jump in and let the fun begin!

  1. Download and print any of the NYU alumni coloring pages below. (All buttons open in new tabs)
  2. Explore your inner child and color away!
  3. Upload a photo or scanned image of your finished coloring page(s) to Facebook and Instagram, and tag @NYUalumni.

Coloring Pages