NYU Alumni Latinx Network

The NYU Latinx Alumni Network connects alumni who identify within the Latin American and Hispanic community to NYU and to one another through various social, cultural, educational, and community service events in the New York City area and beyond. Additionally, the group is involved in major diversity initiatives of NYU, including collaborations with current students through the Center for Multicultural Education and Programs (CMEP), the NYU Equity Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, and NYU Alumni and Parents Day. The term "Latinx" is a gender-inclusive way to refer to people of Latin American descent.

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Upcoming Events

Below you will find events open to alumni from all NYU schools, hosted by the NYU Latinx Alumni Network. Visit the events calendar for a list of all upcoming NYU alumni events. If you're not receiving invitations to events in your area of residence, please take a few minutes to update your contact information.

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