Tulips in Washington Square Park

NYU alumni clubs are created and run by alumni volunteers who wish to reconnect with New York University and with fellow alumni in their region or through shared interests. Alumni clubs recognize the power of networking and provide the community ongoing opportunities to share experiences and traditions, and to network during events and programs. Click below to find out more about alumni clubs!

Global Alumni Clubs

With more than 500,000 NYU alumni living in 183 countries across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, North, and South America, Global Alumni Clubs create opportunities for alumni to connect in countries around the world through professional, social, academic, cultural, and service programs. Global Alumni Clubs are open to all NYU alumni, regardless of school, college, or degree type.

US Alumni Clubs

US Alumni Clubs keep you connected to Washington Square. Attending alumni club events gives you the chance to meet and network with fellow alumni, and provides opportunities to share experiences and traditions in your hometown.

Special Interest Alumni Networks and Clubs in NYC

Special Interest Networks and Alumni Clubs allow alumni to connect around a shared interest or affinity. Attending alumni club events gives you the chance to meet, network, and share experiences with like-minded alumni living in the New York City area. 

NYC Alumni Clubs