NYU Alumni Hot Air Balloon Event in Capadoccia, Turkey

NYU alumni are an important part of the global network university community and you are invited to reconnect with fellow alumni at lectures, receptions, and educational programming at Washington Square and across the globe. Access the world through NYU!

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Do you have a story about what being part of the global network university means to you? Share your NYU stories and pictures with us! Answer the questions below and send them to alumni.global@nyu.edu along with two photos. The images should be high quality with one that shows your face and one of your choice.

  • Did you study away or travel outside your home country while you were at NYU?
  • Where are you living now and how did you end up settling there?
  • What are you currently doing for work or fun?
  • What do you remember most about your time at NYU?
  • What do you think that you have carried with you from your NYU days while you have traveled the world?
  • What is your favorite thing about where in the world you are living right now?

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