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Dinner with Six

Dinner with Six: Eat. Talk. Connect.

Dinner with Six

Dinner with Six is an NYU Alumni Association program that invites students into alumni homes and nearby restaurants for a casual and relaxed meal.

This small dinner party brings everyone together in a warm, friendly environment for good food, conversation, and camaraderie. For students, it's an opportunity to enjoy a free meal, meet other students, and connect with alumni based upon a career field or interest. For alumni, it’s an opportunity to mentor students, share your experience, and make a difference to a future generation.

Since its inauguration in April 2015, 29 alumni have hosted 26 dinners in locations around Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as Shanghai, Paris, London, and Buenos Aires; the program will soon expand to other global locations.

While a great experience for students, alumni hosts also find value in the dinners. As one host commented:

“I think it is extremely important to have alumni in strategic conversations with students; both sides have so much to gain.”

The NYU Alumni Association hosts this event in the fall and winter in New York City and in the spring in our global locations. We hope that you will get involved! An FAQ for hosts can be found here.

Thank you to our generous alumni hosts from the 2016-2017 academic year:

  • Kibi Anderson (STERN ’13)
  • Sarah Applebaum (TANDON ’15)
  • Q Arroyo (CAS ‘12)
  • Judy Balkin (TSOA ’72)
  • Barbara Calabrese (NURSING ’82)
  • Rebecca Callahan (NURSING ’06)
  • Lisa Chang (STERN '99)
  • Charly Cui (STERN ’98)
  • Howard Davis (LAW ’66)
  • Pascale Ernst (LAW ’89)
  • Andrew Fang (STERN '08)
  • Kim Fontaine (CAS ’97)
  • Michele Furyaka-Perchuk (STEINHARDT ’95)
  • Diane Gregory (NURSING ’70)
  • Adrien Guarnay (GSAS ’06)
  • Tim Herrera (CAS ’10)
  • Karim Jaroudi (STERN ’11)
  • Tara Liddle (STEINHARDT ’84, ‘93)
  • Teddy Liu (STERN ’03)
  • Erica Pedruzzi (LAW ’95)
  • Ron Rapatalo (CAS ’97)
  • John Sanchez (STERN ’16)
  • Polly Savell (LAW, ’85)
  • Lucilla Spini (CAS ’97)
  • Michele Spiezia (GALLATIN ’01)
  • Shanthi Thangaraj (LAW ’13)
  • Jamie Tiampo (STEINHARDT ’08)
  • Mary Jane Weedman (GALLATIN ’11)
  • Ann Yen (TSOA ’85)
  • Gail Zahler (STEINHARDT ’66)
  • Anthony Zhao (LAW ’99) 

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