Let’s Celebrate! Be Part of Our #NYUAlumni Birthday Video

Happy Birthday! ¡Feliz cumpleaños! Bon anniversaire! How do you say “Happy Birthday” in your part of the world?

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Please submit by 5pm Eastern Time on Monday, 11/30

As many of us continue to telework and social distance, the NYU Alumni Association needs your help in creating a special birthday video—by alumni, for alumni—this year. Can you take a few minutes to record a selfie-style video message (in whatever language you choose!) to help us spread well wishes and Violet pride to alumni celebrating their special day?

From New York to Paris to Shanghai, send us your birthday wishes for fellow alumni! Use this short web form to upload a “Happy Birthday” selfie video message of 5 seconds or less so we can feature it in our Happy Birthday #NYUAlumni compilation video.

Need tips for shooting video on your smartphone or mobile device? See our helpful tips below!

  • Lighting Matters. Choose a recording location that’s well-lit with natural sunlight if possible. Try to position yourself so the light is shining on your face.
  • Be Mindful of Sound. Record in a quiet location away from background noise and avoid recording in spaces with an echo in the room.
  • Avoid Portrait Mode. Instead, shoot horizontally using landscape mode. 
  • Minimize Shaky Footage. Set your camera on a steady surface or use a tripod if you have one. 
  • Don’t Forget to Smile! Aim for a close-up of your face and look directly in the camera when speaking. 

Please submit by 5pm Eastern Time on Monday, 11/30