NYU Alumni 
Magazine Spring 2012

Letter from the Editors

Our greatest goal here at the magazine is that people will read it. That may sound modest, but amid a landslide of news these days, that’s simply what we’re after.

And there is no sure way to predict what, from the piles of pitches we receive, will have the widest appeal. Is it the history of a fabled professor? Profile of an entrepreneur? Update on genome research? Peek at an upcoming art show? More often than not, it’s all of the above. So the anxiety to deliver something worthwhile hovers near as we select a lineup and figure out how our staff will pull it together by deadline. This round we threw out all caution and tackled some far-reaching and hard-to-reach subjects.

In Issue 18, “Class Clowns” catches up with three of the hottest young comedians—Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza, and Donald Glover—whose ambition and energy extend far beyond the small screens we see them on each week. We then move to a new canvas with critically acclaimed artist and author Maira Kalman, who gives us a glance behind the curtain of her profound yet whimsical works in “Red-Footed Pigeons and Super Fine String…” And finally, with “Locked Out,” we explore the work and research that so many NYU faculty and alumni have contributed to in the pursuit of ending homelessness in New York City, and across the country. Add to that an array of stories on sustainability, religion, music, media, race, education, history, and gourmet cheese, and we hope you’ll agree that there is indeed something for everyone.

We say it over and over, but we’re always amazed at the daring and creativity of NYU’s faculty and alumni, be they artists or scholars, entrepreneurs or entertainers. In a world that can feel very disconnected, it’s nice to be reminded that those who have passed through the university are all part of our community, which somehow keeps finding new ways to shape the zeitgeist.

The Alumni Magazine Team