NYU Alumni 
Magazine Spring 2012

“[Women] are just another domestic animal, and not even the most valuable one.”

—Chef Lara Logan, CBS News chief foreign correspondent, on gender issues in Iraq at an event hosted by the Center for Global Affairs in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies and the john brademas center for the study of congress

“I thought: I’ve got to get some chickens. And then I realized you could order them by mail.”

Susan Orlean, journalist and nonfiction writer, on her love of animals and her latest book, Rin tin tin: The Life and the Legend, with roberT boynton at NYU’S Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute

“When you enter American airspace from Britain, a series of strange semantic changes takes place…. One is the complete transformation of the word liberalism…which can be used to describe the philosophy on which this country is founded and now means some weird, hellish mixture of big government and fornication.”

Timothy Garton Ash, professor of European studies at Oxford University, delivering the 2011 Tony Judt Memorial Lecture on “Muslims in Europe! The Challenge to Liberalism,” sponsored by NYU’s Remarque Institute

“There’s no such thing as a glass ceiling—it’s actually just a thick layer of men.”

Majora Carter, economic consultant and environmental justice advocate, on a panel with U.S. Senator for New York Kirsten E. Gillibrand at the first-annual Women’s Economic Empowerment Summit 2011, in Rosenthal Pavilion