NYU Alumni 
Magazine Spring 2011

Letter from the President

The end of the academic year and arrival of commencement season turn our thoughts to change. How do we account for the past? How do we make the most of the present? How do we embrace an unpredictable future? The Spring 2011 issue of NYU Alumni Magazine considers these questions.

Our cover story (“Patient, Heal Thyself”) on the mind-body connection explores a growing understanding about the role we play in healing ourselves through the powers of suggestion and belief. The works of Max Ferguson (STEINHARDT ’80), realist painter of urban scenes (“Master of the Craft”), invite us to linger on fleeting images of an ever-changing New York City. In a profile and excerpt from his recent prize-winning memoir, novelist Darin Strauss (GSAS ’97) discusses the lasting effects of a tragic accident that occurred just as he crossed the threshold into young adulthood (“The Art of Confession”). From the effects of the current G.I. Bill to a new way of covering local news, the stories illuminate numerous issues we confront in our changing world.

Perhaps nowhere is transition more apparent than in NYU’s role on the international stage. In this issue, I sit down for an in-depth interview on NYU’s emergence as a global network university and the promises and challenges that entails in an increasingly interconnected world. Today, with a presence on six continents, NYU, long “in and of the city,” is now “in and of the world.”

We hope this issue inspires you to contemplate your time spent here at NYU, as well as your bright futures, wherever they may lead.

—John Sexton

Photo © NYU Photo Bureau (Browning)

On March 28, a groundbreaking ceremony was held in China for the University's third anchor campus. President John Sexton announced that NYU Shanghai will open fall 2013, and will eventually be home to up to 3,000 students. For more information, go to www.nyu.edu/global.