6,133 Total First-Year Enrollment

Gender Diversity of the First-Year Class: 42% Male, 58% Female

50 States Represented in the NYU Student Body (49 Represented in the First-Year Class)

83 Countries Represented in the First-Year Class

NYU has the highest number of International Students in America

NYU sends more students abroad than any other American University

Non-U.S. citizens in First-Year class

619 international faculty members and research scholars from 77 countries around the world

Average Scholarship Awarded to First-Years is over $37,000

Rank in high school graduating class of most first-years is top 10%

3.6+ is the Typical Unweighted GPA of Most First-Years

Composite SAT scores 1920 to 2160

SAT critical reading scores are 620 to 720

SAT writing scores are 630 to 730

SAT math scores are 630 to 760

230+ areas of study

10 to 1 student to faculty ratio at NYU New York City

93% of first-years return for their sophomore year

21% of first-years receive pell grants

20% of first-years are the first in their family to go to college

High School Type Distribution in First-Year Class: 59% Public, 18% Private, 13% International, 9% Parochial, 1% Other

Diversity of student body: 5% Black, 20% Asian, 29% White, 14% Latino, 4% Multiracial, 1% Native American/Native Alaskan/Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, 6% Other/Not Indicated

51% of Graduates receive two or more job offers

87% of Graduates are employed 6 months post commencement

96% of Graduates are employed or in Graduate school post commencement

Average starting salary for NYU Graduates with a BS or BA is $61,487

82% of First-Years Graduate in Four Years or Less

85% of First-Years Graduate in Six Years

NYU Abu Dhabi

Student Body at NYU Abu Dhabi is 1048

22 areas of study at NYU Abu Dhabi

5 to 1 student to faculty ratio

More than 110 countries represented in the student body

NYU Shanghai

Student body at NYU Shanghai is 1094

16 areas of study at NYU Shanghai

7 to 1 student to faculty ratio at NYU Shanghai

69 countries represented at NYU Shanghai