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Where Will You Go?

Studying abroad in NYU’s global network—which spans six continents—is transformative for so many students. In fact, more students from NYU study abroad than at any other university in the United States. At the annual Study Away Fair, we caught up with people returning from their time abroad and asked them about their experiences.


Superstars: NYU Globetrotters

How three students decided NYU was their international college destination.  

Joseph Chu

Studying abroad at NYU Shanghai teaches Joseph that politics is personal

Alliah George

A hip hop artist in Ghana shows Alliah to embrace the unconventional

Griffin Carlborg

Spending a semester in Madrid led Griffin to an academic awakening

Student Blogger Spotlight

Tommy Collison, Class of 2017

NYU College of Arts and Science

Tommy is a writer and activist from Ireland with a keen interest in politics, the Middle East, and digitally enabled social change

Read his Q&A

On Campus: A Capital Education

Home to international policymaking bodies, over 175 embassies, and the seat of the US government, Washington, DC offers students who study at NYU’s campus there incredible opportunities for internships and the chance to experience politics up close. Check out this slideshow for a glimpse into what students experience in Washington, DC.

A First Year Student Goes to Florence

Cesar Francia’s acceptance letter came with a surprise: he’d be spending his first year of college in Italy. In NYU Liberal Studies’ First Year Away Program, students have the opportunity to start college at NYU academic centers in Florence, London, Paris, or Washington, DC. Though unexpected, Cesar’s time at NYU Florence turned out to be an eye-opening part of his undergraduate career.


My Global Internship

While studying at NYU Paris, Paula Sevilla Núñez interned at international tech start-up BnbSitter, where she gained invaluable insights into both French workplace culture and her future career. See Paula in action as she takes her professional experience global. 

In Her Words

From Stream to Sink

New Yorkers use 1.1 billion gallons of water each and every day. But how does it get to them? NYU students in New York Underground, an environmental studies course taught by Professor Katie Schneider Paolantonio, went out into the field to see the process firsthand. They studied the impact of pollution at the Croton Watershed, where a portion of New York City’s water comes from, examined the infrastructure of the Old Croton Aqueduct and the Croton Reservoir, and took a tour of the high-tech Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, the city’s largest water treatment facility. Click through for highlights from their trip.

Survey Says

Where are NYU students spending their time abroad? Why? We took to the streets to find answers.