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In His Words

When I first came to NYU, I wasn’t sure what my major would be, much less what I wanted to do with my life. I moved from major to major, but nothing stuck with me—until I got to know two very special people.

It was in my sophomore year that I met my professor for Introduction to Human Physiology, a nutrition course. I had been considering a major in nutrition, and my professor noticed how much I loved the class, so he asked me to be his teaching assistant (TA) for the course.

TA-ing sparked my love for teaching too. More than that, my professor mentored me and encouraged me to get more involved at NYU by putting myself out there and asking for more opportunities. 

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This gave me the confidence to reach out to my General Chemistry II professor about potentially doing research with him. Although he did not know me well, he gave me a chance, and I began performing lab research on DNA crystallography. With my professor’s guidance, I learned that I not only have a passion for chemistry but also a talent for research. He gave me a place to call home and work I could call my own.

My journey at NYU is defined as much by the people I have met along the way as it is by the city and the academics. Because of these two professors, I now know what path I would like to take. They helped transform the confused student I once was into a motivated academic, one with a passion for research and a love for teaching, someone who is ready to take on an even bigger challenge. After graduation I plan to continue my education with an MD/PhD in bioorganic chemistry and hopefully become a college professor one day.