The NYU Q, a quaterly magazine for prospective students. Spring Edition: Driven by the Future of Discovery


Driven by the Future of Discovery

NYU has grown into the largest private research university in the United States. There's a reason for that. »


500 Harmonicas for World Peace

An ocean of harmonicas rolled through NYU’s Washington Square Park campus last fall, playing professor David Schroeder’s original composition “The Oceans.” »

Finding Common Ground

Seeking out new perspectives is a way of life for Lina Elmusa »

The Center of It All

Gallatin professor Millery Polyné connects students to the Caribbean »

Rediscovering China

Shirley Zhao sees her country from a new perspective »


Celebrating Stonewall

The NYU community reflects on a pivotal moment in LGBTQ+ history a half century later »

Exploring (Dis)Connection

Artist Kaylee Reynolds examines society and self »


Alumni In Action

NYU alumnae Sarah Awad and Dhemerae Ford—known together as TheLaserGirls—live at the intersection of art and technology. »

NYU Matrix

Is it possible to see all of NYU at a glance? Maybe not, but here’s a glimpse at some highlights from the NYU community. »