Enrichment Classes

Morning enrichment classes focus on typical secondary school curriculum. Math classes include Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus AB, and Calculus BC. Students are also required to take an English Seminar, which develops student's ability to express themselves in writing as well as think critically about what they read.


Elective Classes

Afternoon elective classes incorporate hands-on techniques and inter-disciplinary themes to connect students to real world opportunities in Internet technologies, art and design, engineering, publishing, clinical medicine, and math and science careers.

Tutoring and Counseling

STEP and BEST employ a talented staff of academic tutors that prepare students for college and career exploration, provide support with personal, social, and cultural development issues that may stand in the way of their academic goals.

Class Support

College Prep

STEP and BEST provides a range of program services specifically tailored to Junior and Senior students looking to gain admission to top colleges in the New York area and beyond. Encompassing college test prep, career exploration seminars, and panel discussions with practicing professionals, STEP and BEST ensures that our students are ready to take the next step toward a great career.

Career Exploration

STEP and BEST wants you to get serious about a career in science, technology, engineering, or math. Interested, but don't know much about these fields?

Throughout your years at STEP and BEST, we will provided numerous opportunities for you to see these professions close-up. Maybe one Saturday we will have arranged a panel talk with a brain surgeon, a bridge engineer, and a nuclear physicist. Or maybe you will join us for a day-trip to a laboratory at Rockefellar Center.

One thing's for sure--you will leave STEP and BEST more knowledgeable about good, high-paying careers in cutting-edge fields, and be more motivated to pursue one yourself.



STEP and BEST gives several talented 11th and 12th graders each year the opportunity to conduct scientific or technological research at NYU facilities. Students are later given the chance to present their research and findings at the annual STEP State Conference in Albany, NY.