Early Decision Notifications: December 15

It’s that time of year! We anticipate that our Early Decision notifications will be delivered to students on December 15. We make every effort to release our decisions outside of school hours, but because of the volume and geographic diversity of our applicant pool this, unfortunately, isn’t always possible.

Students, understandably, often have questions after receiving their admissions decisions, so we wanted to give you a brief overview of what your students might hear from us to help you better advise your early decision applicants.

There are essentially four types of decisions your students may receive on December 15.

1. Offer of Admission

Please send our congratulations on to your student, and know that our applicant pool was exceptionally competitive this year. Remind your students that NYU has a binding early decision agreement, and that based on this offer of admission we expect that they will accept their offer of admission by January 8, and will withdraw applications to any other universities and/or will not pursue admission to any other universities. Of course, if the student applied for financial aid and received a financial aid package that does not allow them to attend, they will not be held to the binding agreement. Should you have a student in this situation, please advise him or her to contact Kristy Materasso, Assistant Dean of Admissions at Kristy.Materasso@nyu.edu.

2. Offer of Admission to an Alternate Program of Interest

Our Common Application member questions allow students to indicate their primary program of interest, as well as alternate programs for which they would like to be considered. We do not review students for any programs except those in which they have expressed interest on their Common Application. If a student is admitted to an alternate program of interest, they are released from their binding agreement – they may simply decline their offer of admission – but we do require a response to the offer by January 8.

3. Deferral

We do expect to defer about 10% of our Early Decision applicants for consideration in our Regular Decision pool. We defer candidates for admission who we need to assess against our broader applicant pool. Students who are deferred must complete our Deferral Response Form online to confirm that they are still interested in being considered for admission. In their deferral email they will receive a custom link to this form. On the Deferral Response Form students can indicate any additional campuses or programs of interest that they did not indicate on their initial application, as well as provide any updates on any accomplishments or awards they have received. Deferred students should send their mid-year reports to us, but should not send additional letters of recommendation, artistic materials, etc.

4. Denial

If your student is denied admission to NYU and continues to express interest in our university, he or she may apply again in 2018 – either as a new first year if the student takes a gap year, or as a transfer student if the student pursues any coursework at any university in the interim. A student who is denied admission under our Early Decision plan may not apply Regular Decision in the same cycle.

Early Decision II and Regular Decision Deadline: January 1

As you’re looking to advise students who are still preparing their applications materials, either for EDII or RD consideration (our January 1 deadline), there are a few things students should know about indicating their program(s) of interest in NYU.

Primary Program of Interest

Students who are really only interested in one school, college, or campus at NYU should list this as their primary program of interest. All students are reviewed for their primary program of interest, and considered among the other applicants for that program. Indicating that a program, particularly one of our smaller or newer programs, like NYU Shanghai, the Core Program at Liberal Studies, or NYU Abu Dhabi, is a student’s primary program of interest is a great way to show the admissions committee that the student is really enthusiastic about this program.

Alternate Program of Interest

Each year we receive applications from many more qualified applicants than we have space available for at the University. The alternate program of interest policy allows us to place the greatest number of exceptional and passionate students into degree bearing programs at NYU.