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Internal Transfers

Internal transfer applicants are current NYU students who want to transfer to another NYU school or college. If that describes you, read on to find out what you need to know about applying as an internal transfer.

If you only want to change programs, contact your school’s advising office to find out about their interdepartmental transfer process.

If you are a former NYU student, see below for guidance on which application process to follow.

Am I eligible for an internal transfer?

To be eligible, you must be in at least your second semester of consecutive full-time study at your current NYU school or college.

How do I apply as an internal transfer?

Log into NYU Albert. Click the "Application Center" link and follow the instructions for the internal transfer application.

Is there an application fee?

There’s no fee for internal transfers.

When is the deadline?

Spring start: November 1

Summer and fall starts: March 1

Please note that NYU sets deadlines to enable as many internal transfers as possible to pre-register in their new school or college. NYU considers applications submitted after the deadline on a space-available basis.

Can I re-apply if I’m not accepted or want to transfer again?

You must wait one full academic year to re-apply if your application is denied. If you’ve already completed an internal transfer, you must wait one full academic year before applying for another.

I’m in the Core Program in Liberal Studies, what do I need to know?

You must complete the Core Program before transitioning to a new school/college for the beginning of your junior year. If you are interested in transitioning to a school/college with academic or artistic requirements that could require you not to take more than four years to graduate, contact your Liberal Studies adviser. You will need to discuss options for beginning the transition process in your sophomore year.

Will my financial aid change?

If you receive financial aid your current financial aid package will likely transfer to your new school or college. There are a few exceptions. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (212) 998-4444 with any questions once you are admitted to a new school or college.

When will I find out if I’m admitted?

Notifications are on a rolling basis. You’ll receive a decision before the end of the academic semester in which you apply.

How should I plan for registration?

Until you receive an official acceptance email from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, register at your current school or college for the following semester. If you are admitted to a new school or college, contact the new school or college for a registration date and detailed instructions.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will make every attempt to provide you with your admissions decision in time to complete early registration in your new school or college, but this is not guaranteed.

Will my minor carry over?

Minors declared in your previous program of study will not carry over to your new program. Consult with an adviser in your new program to find out if re-declaring your minor is possible.

Former NYU Students

I want to apply to different school or college:

If you have not attended another college or university since leaving NYU, apply as an internal transfer. If you have attended another school since leaving NYU, follow instructions for applying as an external transfer student.

I want to apply to the same NYU school or college:

If you have not attended another college or university since attending NYU, log into NYU Albert, and complete the Undergraduate Application for Readmission under the Application Center. If you are a former Tisch School of the Arts student seeking readmission to Tisch, submit the Tisch Readmission Application, available through your department.

Internal Transfer applicants to Tisch Drama

To request an audition date, please send an email to with the subject line "Internal Transfer - Artistic Review Request."

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