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Complete the Common Application

For admission to NYU, all first year and transfer applicants must complete the Common Application online, which includes a Writing Supplement.

Application Fee
The NYU Common Application includes a non-refundable application fee. Students who are unable to pay the application fee must request a fee waiver.

Submitting the Common Application
Both your Common Application and your Writing Supplement (as well as your application fee or fee waiver request) must be successfully submitted together in advance of the application deadline for you to be eligible for admission.

You should not complete the Common Application if ...
you are applying to the Dental Hygiene program, the second bachelor’s degree in Nursing, or the second bachelor’s degree at the Polytechnic School of Engineering. For information on applying to these programs, please visit the pages below:

Checking Your Application Status
All applicants will receive confirmation of receipt of their applications within three weeks after our application deadlines. With your confirmation, we will provide you with instructions on how to track the status your application credentials online.

Standardized Testing Requirements

Our standardized testing requirements vary depending on whether you are a freshman or transfer applicant. Please review our Standardized Testing Policy for freshmen or transfers before submitting your application. English language testing may also be required if English is not your native language. 

Submitting Materials 

Please do not submit diplomas or original copies of records that cannot be replaced. NYU does not return documents you provide in support of your application.

Unless you are applying to one of the programs that specifically requires an audition or portfolio, supplementary materials will not be considered by the admissions committee. Supplementary materials include DVDs, CDs, books, pictures, newspaper articles, magazine articles, certificates, writing samples, the Common Application Arts Supplement, artistic portfolios, etc.


NYU occasionally invites candidates to interview with us via Skype or similar video technology, but we do not offer on-campus interviews for any of our applicants. If you are invited to interview with us, we will contact you directly.

Applicants who are competitive for admission to NYU Abu Dhabi and/or NYU Shanghai may be invited to participate in our Candidate Weekends/Days. During the programs, prospective students are invited to visit campus and meet with current students, faculty, and administrators.

Applicants cannot request an interview or an invitation to a Candidate Weekend/Day. 

Application Review

If anything is missing from your application file, we will offer you a limited window in which to provide the outstanding information.

Once your application is complete, it will be thoroughly reviewed by our admissions committee. We have no set formulas that we follow when we review applications, because we actively seek a mix of students who have a variety of interests, talents, and goals. If you are applying for admission to a program that requires an artistic review by our faculty, the results of that review will also be evaluated before an admissions decision is rendered.

Admissions officers personally review every application we receive—there are no cutoffs for admission, and every applicant is considered holistically. 

Applicants with a Previous Criminal Conviction
We recognize that students with a history of a criminal conviction will want to understand how this information will be considered by the NYU Admissions staff. You can find more information about our admission philosophy and process here.

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