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Tuition and Fees

If you are registered for classes you are responsible for all costs (tuition and fees) associated with your courses. Please be aware that if you have decided not to participate in Summer in NYC, you must drop your classes via NYU Albert and notify the Office of University Programs in writing at so that you are no longer responsible for the costs.

Tuition Breakdown

Total tuition cost can be calculated by taking the number of credits/units the student wishes to enroll in and multiplying it by the price per unit, $1,354. See below for an example.

Sample Tuition and Fee Calculation:

 TuitionUniversity Service Fee*Total Due
3 Credits/Units $4,062 $396 $4,458
4 Credits/Units $5,416 $396 $5,812
8 Credits/Units $10,832 $396 $11,228

*The mandatory University Service Fee is paid for the first credit only.

Tuition includes:

Tuition cost per credit ($1,289) plus a non-refundable registration fee of $65.00 per unit.
The Board of Trustees of New York University reserves the right to alter this schedule of fees without notice.

An electronic bill will be sent to your NYU email account on April 14, 2015. You may pay via electronic check. The University will not accept partial payment. In the case of overpayment, the balance is refunded.

Additional Fees

  • Mandatory non-returnable University Services fee:
    • Students not registered for spring semester 2015 at NYU pay $291.00. Students registered for spring semester 2015 at NYU pay $260.00. NYU students who were not registered in spring semester 2014 also pay a Basic Domestic Health Insurance fee of $568.00, or a Comprehensive Domestic Health Insurance fee of $877.00. For details on waiving the fee, consult the NYU Insurance Department at (212) 443-1020 or email
  • College of Arts and Sciences fee:
    • This is added to the tuition for any course offered by the College of Arts and Sciences (Subject Code ends in 'UA') - US $11.00 per unit/credit
  • Late registration fee:
    • This is payable after stated registration period, if the student is granted late registration permission - US $25.00
  • Course-specific fees (i.e. lab or art fees):
    • See individual course descriptions

International Students

International Students must be enrolled full-time. Full-time enrollment can be defined in one of two ways: (1) You will need a minimum of 6 points for a 6-week session, 3 points for a 3-week session, or 12 points for a 12-week session. (2) You may take a course that meets a total of 18 hours per week.

For more information about requirements for international students, please visit the International Students webpage.

Study any time

Financial Aid

Students matriculated in NYU degree programs may be eligible to receive federal aid (grants and loans) through NYU.

  • Consortium Agreement: If you are currently enrolled at another college or university, contact your home school's financial aid office to inquire about receiving aid from your school via a consortium agreement with NYU.
  • Private Loans: If you are not currently enrolled at another college or if your school will not authorize a consortium agreement, you may be eligible for private loans.
  • NYU does not offer scholarship or grant funding for visiting students.

Financial Aid Application Protocols for Visiting Students

  • Submit the NYU Summer in NYC Visiting Student Application
  • When the Office of University Programs receives your registration form, you will receive an email including your NYU ID number and a link to the NYU Summer Financial Aid Application for Non-NYU (Visiting) Students.*
  • Submit your financial aid application to NYU by the appropriate deadline. Failure to do so may prevent your aid from being received by NYU in time for the start of the session.
  • Application deadlines:
    • Federal Financial Aid (Consortium Agreement) - Priority Deadline: July 20
    • Private (Non-Federal) Alternative Loan - Priority Deadline: July 20

*IMPORTANT: You must apply for loans and negotiate consortium agreements on your own. The NYU Summer Financial Aid Application for Non-NYU (Visiting) Students is used ONLY to alert NYU's Office of Financial Aid that external funding will be arriving—submitting this form does not mean you will be considered for aid. Please be sure to initiate consortium agreements with your home school or apply directly to lenders for a private loan and allow 3-4 weeks for processing.

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