Living on Campus

Students who are enrolled for NYU Summer Sessions and would like to live in NYU housing are guaranteed a space for the term in which they are studying – all you have to do is apply!

If you choose NYU housing, you will live with roommates in a traditional or apartment-style suite, either walking distance from campus or easily accessible by public transportation. You'll also have the option to sign up for a meal plan for easy dining in any of the available dining locations on campus. NYU offers 24-hour security in residence halls, and some of the most desirable real estate in Manhattan at rates that are highly competitive for the area.

Summer Housing is administered through a separate office than your academic programs, so be sure to check out their website to make sure you're aware of their dates, deadlines, and fees. And contact the Office of Residential Life & Housing Services directly with any questions you may have!

Apply for Summer Housing

To apply for Summer Housing, please indicate your interest on the Summer in NYC Visiting Student Application. Once your application is processed, we will email you instructions on how to apply for housing.

Please note that there is a reduced rate in Gramercy Green and Palladium Hall for residents enrolled in summer courses at NYU or participating in an NYU sponsored program.


The meal plan allows students to access the dining areas on campus. Students living on campus must sign up for a meal plan with 10 or more meals per week, giving them at least 10 meals for weekly use and a set number of dining dollars each week. Students may get meals to-go if their classes conflict with meal hours, or use dining dollars to buy food when the dining halls are not serving. Dining halls will be open on weekends.

Information about summer dining is available online.