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Prepare for Classes

  1. Get Your NYU ID Card
    The NYUCard is a multipurpose identification card issued to all registered students. For security purposes, all students are required to have their NYUCard in their possession at all times.

    Simply submit a photo online and, once approved by the NYUCard Center, you can pick up your card in person. The NYUCard Center is at 7 Washington Place. You must bring a valid photo ID with you to get your card. Photos submitted and approved by 3:00 p.m. can be picked up the following business day. More information about submitting your NYUCard photo and information is available online.

    Students are asked to turn in their NYU ID Card at the end of their term of study (it will be deactivated at that time). If a student doesn’t return their ID card and returns for ANY future term he/she must produce their original card or pay a $15 replacement fee.

  2. Buy Your Textbooks
    The NYU Bookstore provides a list of required and optional textbooks for your credit-bearing courses. Textbooks can be ordered through their website, or you can purchase them at the store.

    To generate a list of books requested by your professors, click on "Search All Books" under "Textbook Inquiry & Ordering" on the NYU Bookstore homepage and enter the required information.
  3. View the Online Summer Orientation
    To help you get the most out of your summer experience at NYU, we highly encourage you to view the Summer in NYC 2015 Online Orientation. In this self-paced interactive video, learn about academic advising, housing, dining, and all the resources available to you as an NYU visiting student. We’ll also cover important procedures, dates and deadlines, and highlight the items you’ll need to complete prior to the start of class.

    View the Summer in NYC 2015 Online Orientation.

    All international students must attend a mandatory check-in workshop upon starting their classes at NYU. Please refer to the Office of Global Services webpage for more information.

NYU classes

View Grades and Transcripts

Once you have completed your summer courses at NYU, you can view your grades online and request your official transcripts.

Once you have completed summer courses at NYU, you may view your grades via Albert by going to your Student Center and selecting "Transcript-Unofficial" from the drop down menu. Please allow 2-3 weeks for grades to be posted.

If you plan to request a transcript (see below), please be sure to wait until your grades have posted.

Academic transcripts are not automatically sent at the end of summer. If you would like an academic transcript, you must make a request via Albert or the University Registrar's website.

 Please wait until all grades have posted to your Albert account before requesting a transcript.

Transcripts can be requested at any time. If you have a valid netID, you can request an official transcript by signing into Albert and going to your Student Center. From the drop down menu, click on "Transcript-Official." 

If you do not have a valid NYU netID, visit the Official Transcripts webpage for specific instructions.

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