Required Program Forms

In order to participate in NYU Summer Programs, all students must submit the following forms no later than two weeks before the start of their program. Download the forms, complete them, and upload them as outlined below. Links to each of the forms can be found here.

The below forms may be submitted via the student's online admission application, which can be found on their program’s admissions page, by uploading them under the appropriate section on the "Uploads" page.

Required for ALL students

Required for students living on campus

Optional for all students

To submit the above forms:

  1. Save the electronic form or scan the hard copy form to your desktop
  2. Log-in to your program application
  3. Click the “View” option for your application
  4. Click “Upload Attachments”
  5. Upload each form under its assigned section for Admitted Student Forms
  6. Click “Save” when you are finished uploading and before you sign out of the application system

Please Note: Once you click "Save" the file name will disappear from the screen, which means you are all set. There is no need to re-upload the file.

Forms required for students in credit-bearing programs:

Students earning at least six college credits in their program must submit immunization forms as required by New York State law and NYU policy. The following form should be submitted to the NYU Student Health Center via its online portal by following these instructions. Because this information is medically confidential, it must be submitted directly to the Health Center.

If you have difficulty submitting any of the required forms please refer to our NYU Summer Programs Forms Upload Guide or contact our office at or 212-998-2292.