NYU Precollege Handbook

NYU Precollege is an academically rigorous program in which each student’s active and supportive participation is highly valued. The program is intensive, involving a variety of classroom activities, homework assignments, and optional program activities that are intellectually demanding and time-consuming. Students in the program will have the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from participation in a unique community of peers and must be respectful of others and thoughtful about the impact of their actions upon their community. It is very important to understand that the dedication and focus upon one’s academic work is what makes NYU Precollege successful.

The rules and policies that follow have been established to optimize the academic, personal, and social experience of all NYU Precollege students. Any questions about the rules, policies, and information included in the Handbook may be addressed to the Office of University Programs at 212-998-2292 or university.programs@nyu.edu.

Administrative Policies and Procedures

Academic Standards

Student Conduct Standards

Students and parents/guardians should discuss with each other the rules and policies set forth here as well as those included in the NYU Precollege Contract (see Required Program Forms). Please be advised that due to the particular nature of NYU Precollege, certain student conduct policies are considered to be fundamental to the success of the program.

Failure to comply with the rules and policies of the University and/or of NYU Precollege may lead to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from NYU Precollege with no refund of tuition or fees. Those policies are as follows:

Residential Rules and Policies

For students choosing to live on campus, the residential component complements the academic program. A disciplinary action removing a student from a residence hall will result in dismissal from NYU Precollege without refund.

Investigation and Adjudication of Alleged Violations

New York University assumes that all students are capable of accepting responsibility for their actions. Therefore, students will be held accountable for any violation of NYU Precollege and University rules and policies. It is important to note that students found present while a violation is occurring may be considered participants and may be subject to disciplinary action along with the principle violator(s). The NYU Precollege conduct process is as follows:

Required Health Forms

The below health forms must be submitted directly to the NYU Student Health Center at:

NYU Student Health Center
Immunization Record Services
726 Broadway, Suite 336
New York, NY 10003

The MMR and Meningitis immunization forms are required for students taking six or more total credits during the program. If you have questions about the health forms, contact the Student Health Center Immunization Records Services Office at 212-443-1199 or health.requirements@nyu.edu.

Required Program Forms

In order to participate in NYU Precollege, all students must submit the following forms to the Office of University Programs no later than May 31, 2017. Download the forms, complete them, and upload them as outlined below.

The below forms may be submitted via the student's Precollege application. The forms can be completed and signed electronically or downloaded and completed by hand. To submit the forms:

  1. Save the electronic form or scan the hardcopy form to your desktop
  2. Log-in to your NYU Precollege application
  3. Click the “View” option for your NYU Precollege Visiting Student application
  4. Click “Upload Attachments”
  5. Upload each form under its assigned section for Admitted Student Forms
  6. Click “Save” when you are finished uploading and before you sign out of the application system  Please Note: Once you click "Save" the file name will disappear from the screen, which means you are all set.  There is no need to re-upload the file.

If you have difficulty submitting the forms online, please contact the Office of University Programs at university.programs@nyu.edu or 212-998-2292.