College & Career Lab

July 9 - August 10, 2018

NYU's College and Career Lab —led by faculty at NYU's School of LawStern School of BusinessTisch School of the ArtsSteinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, and Tandon School of Engineering—will expose students to introductory week-long courses within each featured academic school. Each student will also be paired with an NYU student advisor to provide mentorship and guidance for the duration of the Lab. The goal of this Lab is to prepare, support and inspire students to think about various career paths while gaining valuable life skills that afford them the opportunities to thrive.

Program Details

NYU College and Career Lab is an intensive free non-credit five-week summer program for rising 8th and 9th graders in the NYC Metro area. Students can expect to be in classes from 9:00am - 4:00pm on weekdays. Housing is not provided for the duration of the program.

Program Timeline

  • July 6: Academy Orientation
  • July 9 - 13: Introduction to the Arts
  • July 16 - 20: Introduction to Business
  • July 23 - 27: Introduction to Law
  • July 30 - Aug 4: Introduction to Technology & Society
  • Aug 6 - 10: Creativity in Engineering, Science and Technology
  • Aug 10: Graduation

Application Process

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Provide NYU with a copy of your school transcript. An unofficial copy can be submitted.

Applications are no longer being accepted for Summer 2018.

Students who have already applied should expect to receive a decision by May 1st, others will be sent on a rolling basis after May 1st. 

Course Descriptions
All students will participate in each of the 5 courses listed below as part of the program, selections are not required.

Arts Connect

The Arts Connect program in Tisch School of the Arts will enable students to experience a range of artistic disciplines that support the fundamental premise, that studying the arts is central to becoming an educated citizen of the world. The Arts Connect program will bridge expression, technology, collaboration and storytelling in multiple artistic forms (film, drama, dance, photography, etc.). The Arts Connect program will facilitate the creative process by asking, “Who am I? - What stories do I have to tell? - Why is my story important to be told? - Why is it important for me listen to others and the stories that they have to tell?”  

Introduction to Business

This course - taught by NYU Stern faculty and and doctoral students - will introduce students to the foundations of business development and how different types of businesses operate. Students will also delve into the basics of money and finance, including how to make personal financial decisions - for example, how do credit cards work and should I pay interest on my credit card? Students will also get the opportunity to interact with business professionals representing a wide range of business areas.

Introduction to Law

Students will take classes with New York University School of Law professors and learn about important and timely issues that affect New Yorkers. Students will attend lectures and participate in small group discussions and exercises related to topics such as free speech, criminal law, and immigration. Current NYU Law students, practicing attorneys, and administrators from the Law School will talk to students about the variety of career opportunities available in law and the path to law school.

Introduction to Technology & Society

Students will take classes with NYU Steinhardt faculty that introduces them to the variety of ways that technology shapes our everyday lives. From smart phones and mobile apps to the Internet of Things, surveillance technology to artificial intelligence, social media and more - students will grapple with the ways that new technologies are designed get produced, for what purposes, and how they both extend and constrain how we live and live with others in a global society. Students will also be introduced to, and engage with a wide variety of professionals designing and using new technologies in careers as diverse as marketing, education, healthcare, media, music & the arts, and government. 

Creativity in Engineering, Science & Technology (CrEST)

Creativity in Engineering, Science and Technology (CrEST) teaches students about circuitry, electronics, design, 3D printing and mechanical systems and how to use skills and knowledge in these areas to create interactive devices. This week long workshop will cover themes like 3D modelling software, microcontroller programming, basic electronics, and connecting devices to the internet to transmit data and control other devices (the "Internet of Things"). CrEST is taught by Engineering school graduate/undergraduate students alongside New York City high school students who have been trained in these fields through a 60 hour weekend course on the School of Engineering campus.

Program Contact

Angela M. Ellis
NYU College & Career Lab

The NYU College & Career Lab is in partnership with The NYU College Advising Corps. The College Advising Corps works to increase the number of first-generation college going, low-income, and/or underrepresented students who apply, enter, and complete college. We do this by placing recent college graduates from one of our partner universities as full-time college advisers in some of America’s underserved high schools. We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to enter and complete higher education.