Enroll as a non-degree or visiting student at NYU

NYU welcomes qualified students looking to continue their education, advance their professional development, or transfer graduate credit to their current institution. As a non-degree seeking or visiting student, you will be surrounded by the kind of opportunities, experiences, and people that can only be found at this institution and in the heart of the most diverse and exciting city in the world.

How to Apply 

It may be possible to enroll as a non-degree seeking or visiting student in select departments at our graduate and professional schools. Eligibility criteria and application policies will vary by graduate school. General information about each school-specific policy can be found below.

Connect with your school of interest if you have additional questions about taking courses housed in their departments. If you don't know which course(s) you hope to take, visit our course search (at the bottom of this page); then, follow the application guidelines set by the school that houses the course(s) to apply.

Find your Graduate Course

Before you apply, in most cases, you'll need to use the NYU Albert Course Search to find the specific course(s) that interest you and best match your needs. Search for classes by academic subject, term offered, or NYU school/college, and filter for graduate-level courses by selecting the option of "Graduate" in the Academic Career search field.

Note: schools/colleges that allow non-degree/visiting students may restrict which courses they may take. Be sure to consult their sites and reach out to them using the information above before deciding on a course to take.