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NYU is required to verify part of their student population applying for federal financial aid.  If there are differences between the information reported on the FAFSA and the information gathered through this review, NYU is obligated to make corrections to your application, and your eligibility for federal and/or institutional aid may change as a result.

Because NYU must adhere to compliance standards, it is important to be aware that failure to respond and return the documents in a timely and complete manner will result in a cancellation of federal and need-based financial aid.  Please respond to this request in order to avoid cancellation.

To access the required verification documents:

  • Log on to NYU Albert
  • Click on your "To-Do" List. (Please click the details link to see a summary of the documents required)
  • Print the documents
  • Sign (where applicable) and return the completed documents/tax transcripts/schedules as needed.

Please note that the review of the verification documents you submit may take about two weeks. Also, if there is information that is unclear or conflicting, NYU may ask you for additional documentation. If additional documentation is needed, you will receive an email directing you to your Albert "To Do" list detailing what is required.

How to Request a Tax Return Transcript

Instructions on how to request a FREE tax return transcript are listed on Page 4 of the Verification Request forms on your Albert "To-Do" list.

For further information about requesting a transcript of your tax return please visit the IRS web site or you may contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.

Required Documents

Wondering how to complete the verification or what information to include?

Below are samples of some of the documents we will request. Not all students will need all of the forms listed. The forms specific to you are located on your Albert "To-Do" list in and in the initial verification request.

Household Verification Form: This form details who should be listed in your household.

Expense Resource Worksheet: This form details your expenses and resources for 2013.

Additional Documents

After the initial review of your submitted documents, we may need to request additional items. Any additional or supporting documentation required will be listed on your Albert "To-Do" list. Below are samples of what may be requested.

Supporting Schedules from 2013 Federal Tax Return: After the initial review of the students/spouse or dependent student parents 2013 IRS tax transcript, the Office of Financial Aid may request copies of Schedule A, B, C, D, E or F of your 2013 federal tax return.

Proof of Asset Value: The value of cash, checking/savings accounts and investments on the day you completed the FAFSA form are supposed to be reported.  If you did not report any value or the value appears low in comparison to your federal tax information you will be required to submit proof of asset value.  Copies of bank/investment and/or brokerage statements must be submitted detailing the value of the accounts on the day the FAFSA form was completed.  Copies of 1099B forms are not acceptable.

Proof of Food Stamp (SNAP) Benefit:  This documentation is requested when a student indicates that either the student, parent, or a member of the student’s household receives food stamp benefits.

The student will need to provide a signed statement indicating receipt of benefit.  In addition you may be asked to provide a letter from your county/state agency that provides the benefit showing that a member of the household has received it during 2012 and/or 2013.

Business Information/Value:  If your federal tax returns indicate your or the parents of a dependent student own a business this form will determine if the value of that business is supposed to be reported on the FAFSA form.

Real Estate Information/Value: If your federal tax return indicates you own real estate this form details the fair market value of the real estate that should have been reported on the FAFSA form.

Proof of Child Support Paid: This documentation is requested when a student/spouse or dependent student’s parent reports on the FAFSA form that they paid child support.

The student will need to submit a statement signed by him/her or parent of dependent student detailing the:

  1. Annual amount of the support.
  2. The names of those who paid it (i.e. which parent) and to whom it was paid.
  3. The name(s) of the child(ren) it was paid for.

The amount should only include money paid out for children that are not a part of the student’s household as listed on the household verification form.

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