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Welcome NYU Parents!

At the NYU Office of Financial Aid (OFA), we help families maximize their financial aid options and provide guidance to help minimize confusion to make an NYU education possible. We encourage you to read through this website for a few key points that Parents need to know; for detailed explanations of any of the items listed here you may refer to our home page.  Professional school students please refer to the section "Financial Aid at NYU Professional Schools" located in the lower right column on our home page.

The Student Aid Process

Application for Aid
All students are encouraged to apply for financial assistance.  Starting with the 2012-2013 academic year new freshman applicants need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid/FAFSA (U.S. citizens and permanent residents), CSS Profile, and Non-Custodial Profile (if applicable) to apply for all types of NYU aid and federal student aid.  Residents of New York State should also submit an application for the New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). Please see Applications and Forms for more detailed information and important deadline dates.

Starting with the 2015-2016 academic year new freshman applicants who are undocumented and reside in New York State may apply to be considered for NYU scholarship. Please visit New York Undocumented Students for more information.

For applicants to NYU Abu Dhabi, please visit NYU Abu Dhabi Financial Support.

For applicants to NYU Shanghai, please visit Financial Aid at NYU Shanghai.

Receiving NYU Aid
Once your student is officially admitted to NYU, if they are eligible we will send them an email directing them to the NYU Albert portal to log in and view their awards.  Once logged in they can view their total financial aid package and details about the types and amounts of aid offered for the school year. Be sure to read our Financial Aid Guide, which describes the various forms of aid and reviews the components of the package.

To view current Tuition, Fees and Expenses, please see our link located to the right.

There is no separate NYU application for NYU scholarships. To be considered for NYU scholarship, students must complete the FAFSA form, CSS PROFILE and Non-Custodial Profile (if applicable) by our stated deadlines.  NYU has prescribed deadlines to help enable us to plan and award financial aid equitably among our students. Scholarship awards are based on eligibility and the availability of funds.

A financial aid package at NYU may suggest several types of loans for which a student and/or a parent are eligible. These loans are based on certain criteria such as anticipated points/credits, housing status, estimated financial need, and for campus-administered loans, the availability of funds. A suggestion of loans in the financial aid package does not obligate you to the loan programs- these are suggestions to assist with the cost of education expenses.

Important Information and Requests
It is imperative that students regularly check their NYU email account. If the Office of Financial Aid requires additional information and/or items in order to process your student’s application(s) those requests will be posted on their “To Do” list in the NYU Albert Student Center and emails may also be sent to their NYU email account.  Reminder emails will also be sent to their NYU email account when there is an outstanding item on the do list. It is helpful if parents and students add our email address ( to their contact list.

Eligibility for Financial Aid

To be eligible for and maintain financial aid there are certain policies that students and parents must be aware of. As a parent, please familiarize yourself with these various policies and procedures to assure continuous eligibility. Please also confirm your student is aware of these NYU policies that can specifically affect their financial aid.

Requests for Documentation: Tax Information and Income Verification

It is not necessary to submit copies of your tax returns or any other family financial records or supporting documentation to the Office of Financial Aid unless you are specifically requested to provide additional information.

Paying the Bill

NYU has developed several financial aid alternatives, including a variety of payment plans, to assist you and your family in meeting your educational costs. Specifically, these plans are designed to assist families with all or part of that portion of their expenses that are not funded by need-based financial aid and to families who receive aid but who require additional assistance. These programs should be of particular interest to families who plan to use personal family resources.

Contact the Office of the Bursar at 212-998-2800 to ask about:

  • Your bill
  • Your refund
  • Payment arrangements and financing plans

Applying for Loans

Here are specific instructions parents must follow to secure their Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan:

Accessing Your Student's Records

Under FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) Guidelines*, aside from a limited number of specified exceptions, New York University may not release confidential information to persons other than the student without written permission from the student or in accordance with specified procedures set forth in the FERPA Guidelines. All colleges in the United States must comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) - a federal law that requires colleges and universities to protect the confidentiality of student and education records.

For financial aid purposes:

  • Dependant students - the Parent(s) listed on the FAFSA form my access only the financial aid information.
  • Independent students - only the student may access their financial aid information.

NYU understands you may wish other people have access to your financial aid information and to facilitate the authorization of these people, the student must complete, sign, and notarize and return the Authorization to Release Financial Aid Information Form (available on our Applications and Forms menu). Please note this form is kept on file for one academic year.

*NYU Guidelines for Compliance with FERPA is available at

Where to Go for Help

It's Online

Speak with a Counselor
Phone 212-998-4444

Office of the Bursar
Phone 212-998-2806

  • Make a payment
  • Inquire about a refund
  • Pay your bill
  • Go to website

Office of the University Registrar
Phone 212-998-4800

  • Enrollment reporting for loan deferments
  • TAP certification
  • Go to website

Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Phone 212-998-4600

  • Explore the Residence Halls
  • Residence Hall payment and billing
  • Go to website

Wasserman Center for Career Development
Phone 212-998-4730

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