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How to Apply

NYU recognizes that your education is an investment for both you and your family and the Office of Financial Aid is here to help guide you through the application process. Financial aid plays a critical role in many students’ decisions on which college or university they will choose and can consist of scholarships, loans, grants, and work study. Please read all the information provided below in order to maximize your consideration.

NYU strives to recognize both the academic strength and the financial need of each applicant when reviewing for scholarships. All undergraduate applicants to NYU are automatically considered for merit based aid with the on-time submission of the admissions application; however, it is important to note that only 1-2% of undergraduate scholarships are based solely on merit. A majority of the undergraduate scholarships at NYU are based on a combination of need and merit and require filing all financial aid applications by our deadlines. Please note that each round of admissions has its own deadline for financial aid applications.

In order to award scholarships as equitably as possible, it is extremely important that you file your financial aid applications on time. Filing late will prevent you from being considered for a majority of scholarships at NYU and since the amount of scholarship a student receives in their first year is typically the amount they will continue to receive each year if they remain otherwise eligible, filing late can affect eligibility in future years.

Financial Aid at the Professional Schools

Seeking Additional Financial Assistance

If you find you are in need of additional financial aid, there are a few options to consider based on your circumstances.

  • If your financial situation (or your spouse's or parents) has drastically changed since you filed the FAFSA, please review the Professional Judgment form located on our Applications and Forms menu. If you meet one of the criteria listed, you might be eligible to have your federal financial aid eligibility reviewed.
  • Any returning undergraduate student whose family has experienced a financial change in circumstance may be considered for appeal scholarship. In order to thoroughly review your request, it is important that NYU have your financial aid application on file for the semester in which you are appealing (the FAFSA, for U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and eligible non-citizens and the CSS Profile for international and undocumented students). Appeal scholarships are not guaranteed.

    The process to be considered for the 2018-2019 academic year is currently being finalized. If you would like to be notified once the application is open, please speak with a counselor in person at one of our NYU StudentLink Centers, or email ( or call (212-998-4444) the Office of Financial Aid to request a notification email regarding the Returning Undergraduate Appeal Scholarship. Students who request notification will be contacted before the fall bills are sent out.
  • Financial Aid for Graduate students is usually administered by the student’s respective graduate school. Students seeking additional funding through their school can contact their specific graduate school contacts to determine eligibility criteria.  Go to References and Resources and see the School Financial Aid Contacts in the right column.
  • Consider seeking outside scholarships. Typically if a student is awarded aid from an organization outside of NYU, the student's NYU aid is not directly affected. For more details on how to apply please see Scholarships and Grants from Other Organizations.