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The Division of Administrative Services is the unit within the University’s central administration that oversees the departments of Asset Management, Copy Central, Mail Services, Purchasing & Supply Services, and Supply Central.

The central mission of Administrative Services is to provide superior quality, efficient and cost effective services to all of the University’s schools and departments.

The Administrative Services page is the gateway to the web pages of Asset Management, Reprographics, Logistics & Distribution Services, Purchasing & Supply Services, and Supply Central. If you are a member of the University community you are able to access all of the material in each of the individual sites. If you are not a member of the University community you will be able to view only limited portions of most of these sites.

Purchasing & Supply Services »
NYU Purchasing & Supply Services' mission is to directly support the university's environmental, educational and administrative needs. By using best business practices and professional ethics we can assist faculty and staff in obtaining high quality products and services in a timely matter and at the lowest cost possible. The business activities include obtaining price quotations; negotiations; contract review; chartfield validation; approval verifications; vendor sourcing; document management; interaction with requestors and review/approval from other departments such as Legal Counsel, Insurance,  ITS etc.

Purchasing & Supply Services recommends environmentally preferable products whenever they perform satisfactorily and are available at a reasonably competitive price. Purchasing Services will also continue to work very closely with our many local suppliers to minimize transportation costs while simultaneously supporting our local economy.

Asset Management »
Asset Management maintains the University’s inventory records for capital equipment, items costing $3,000 or more and having a life expectancy of at least one year. In addition, Asset Management recycles surplus furniture and equipment throughout the University and authorizes disposals of these items. Please refer to the Asse Management web site which includes information on surplus items, procedures, forms and FAQs.
Reprograhics (Copy Central)»
Copying, Printing, Graphic Design & Mailing: All copying and printing jobs totaling more than $1,000 must be purchased through Reprographics, Purchasing Services or Advertising & Publications. These units are responsible for obtaining comparative price quotations and awarding business, in accordance with University Purchasing Procedures.
Logistics & Distribution Services »
Logistics & Distribution Services AKA Mail services provides interoffice, U.S. Postal Services and overnight letter service via United Parcel Service for the University’s Washington Square Campus. Logistics & Distribution Services also operates a Customer Service Counter that provides services similar to that of a U.S. Post Office.