Independence square

There is a lot to do around the city of Accra! NYU will keep you informed about many great cultural events. Take advantage of everything from traditional Ghanaian theater and music to something to connect you with home.


Festivals and Funerals

The Harvest Festival in Cape Coast is where you get to see chiefs being carried on gold chairs. The whole city of Elmina is one big party during this time. Other times for celebration in Ghana are (believe it or not) funerals, when a person’s life - rather than his or her death - is honored with family, friends, dancing and LOTS of food! If you are invited to a funeral, consider yourself honored. Traditional clothing for this occasion is black and red, and this would be a good time to visit a tailor who can make you an outfit fit for a funeral.

Tourist Sites and Museums

Go on all of the NYU trips. Not only are they fun and a great way for you to connect with fellow students, but they really help you explore Ghana, with trips to Cape Coast, the Kakum canopy walk, Kumasi, and Wli Falls.

Other ideas:

  • Visit a coffin maker for an art show like nothing you have ever seen.
  • Watch people make crafts at the Art Center.
  • Visit the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial to see artifacts from Nkrumah’s life and surround yourself with the country’s history.
  • See masterpieces from local Ghanaian artisans at the new Artist’s Alliance Gallery. If you take NYU’s African Art class, you will also be able to visit the individual artists at their homes or studios.
  • Visit the National Museum to watch people make kente or batik.