Pedestrians walk the streets of Prague.

Located on the Western Gulf coast of Africa, Ghana stands out as one of the most politically and economically stable as well as culturally vibrant countries on the continent.

The capital city of Accra is an intriguing blend of successful modernity and rich colonial history. Ghanaians are generally thought to be among the most intellectually curious, friendly and culturally tolerant people in the region.

Along with its educational hallmarks, Ghana is also home to a number of national parks where students will have the opportunity to experience the country's remarkable wildlife and landscape.

The NYU Center and residences are located in Labone in eastern Accra, not far from the Atlantic Ocean. The neighborhood is within walking distance of the popular Oxford Street in Osu, which is known for its fine shops, restaurants, and outdoor cafés. Labone is one of the friendliest and most pleasant neighborhoods in Accra, a place where students will find beautiful homes surrounded by coconut and palm trees as well as an impressive variety of tropical plants and flowers. Along many of the neighborhood streets, students will see vendors selling local batik cloth and fresh fruits such as papaya, avocados, pineapples, oranges, and bananas.

Getting Around


When you get home, you will miss the scenery, so get it while you can! Just have water with you.


  • Cheapest public transportation.
  • Around Accra or to places nearby.
  • Can be confusing and can easily get lost.
  • Always a fun experience.


  • Really cheap compared to New York standards: most rides were less than $3.
  • Bargain for the price BEFORE you get in.
  • Some taxi drivers tried to change the fare once we were in the car. If they do not want to give you a good price, just move on.
  • Shared taxis were cheaper, but you run the risk of running into problems with passengers. Some shared taxis will even take you to Togo or Benin.


  • Sometimes unreliable.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Sometimes air conditioned.