Preparing to Go Abroad 

NYU organizes a pre-departure orientation session at the Washington Square campus prior to your departure. At this session you'll have the opportunity to speak with local staff, recent study abroad students, and your peers. Admitted students also receive regular emails and blog updates from the Global Programs Student Services staff. Students are always free to contact their site representative, the NYU Office of Global Academic Programs, or the overseas Office of Student Life in the city you will be studying, with questions.

Upon acceptance into the NYU Global Academic Program, you will receive a number of mailings from the NYU Office of Global  Programs. These mailings include information about travel, insurance, passports, visas, and more. You will also be asked to complete a Housing Preferences Form, a  Travel Release Form, a Medical History and Release Form , a Health and Accident Insurance Coverage Form, and an Arrival Form. All forms must be completed and returned to the Office of Global Programs in New York prior to departure.


Orientation in Accra

From the moment you step off the plane at the airport, you'll realize that you have arrived in a very different place. But you'll never feel like a stranger in Ghana. After landing, you'll be picked up at the airport and taken directly to the residence halls to unpack. The following morning, a week of carefully planned orientation events begins alongside the student orientations of our partner institutions, addressing the numerous details of daily independent living. You'll attend informational sessions on student affairs, academics, residential life, security, and health. You'll tour the city and the campuses where you'll take classes and attend a variety of cultural activities that introduce you to the local and regional languages and culture. You'll take intensive language classes each day so you'll learn the key phrases in Twi that you'll use in your daily life. By the time classes begin, you'll know enough about Ghanaian food, culture, language, and customs to begin really immersing yourself in a new life experience.