Whether you're looking to experience a new culture, learn a new language, deepen your knowledge of a particular academic area, or all of the above, studying abroad during the summer enables students to have an international experience outside of the stresses of the normal semester.

NYU's summer abroad programs vary greatly for undergraduate and graduate students – by program, location, and academic offerings – but one thing is certain: as a student with NYU, you will have access to a range of local resources. You'll have a hands-on experience, living and learning in which ever city you choose, and learning and exploring with NYU faculty and students.

Programs hosted by NYU

Looking for opportunities in New York City? With NYU's summer course offerings in New York you can experience all that NYU and NYC have to offer.

NYU programs hosted in other locations:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: International Theatre Workshop

Athens, Greece: Arts and Science Summer in Athens

Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway: Scandinavia Today: Leading the Clean Energy and Sustainability Revolution (NYU students only)

Dublin, Ireland: Arts and Science Summer in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland: Community Engaged Theatre                    

Durban and Pretoria, South Africa: Educational and Social Reform

Geneva, Switzerland: International Health Policy and Prospects

Los Angeles, California, USA: Producing for Film and Television

Lund, Sweden: Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Pretoria, South Africa:  Intern Abroad Program

Recife, Brazil: Arts and Science Summer in Brazil