Because at NYU, the world is your campus. Maybe you already know our numbers: three degree-granting campuses in New York City, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, plus 12 global locations in some of the world’s great cities. But did you know that when you study in our locations on six continents, you get a global education without ever leaving NYU? That’s because the vast curricula at the global academic centers are developed in consultation with NYU’s academic departments in New York City. So whatever you choose to study while abroad, your courses will count toward your degree. 

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You’ll also access new cultures and perspectives in and out of the classroom that will serve you well. Whether you bring international nuance to your field of study or learn cultural fluency in and out of the classroom, your time abroad will change you. And the unique opportunities you’ll find—like place-based courses, an internship, or community outreach—are experiences for growth on a personal level that will also make future employers take notice. 

When Should You Go?

There’s no wrong answer. It’s true that spring is a popular semester to study abroad, but consider this: NYU’s global academic centers can fill up fast in the spring. Applying to go in the fall means you have the best possible chance of getting a spot at your top choice city. NYU locations in Accra, Berlin, Washington, DC, Madrid, Prague, Sydney, and Tel Aviv are all great fall options. Getting a visa takes time and paperwork, so if you’re going to a place where you’ll need one, having the whole summer leading up to your fall semester abroad can make the process way less hectic. At NYU Prague, for example, it’s much easier to get a visa for fall study.

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Students and professor in front of Temple of Debod in Madrid

Choosing the fall also means you have the entire summer to learn about your new city and plan other aspects of your experience—when you’re not juggling classes and study. And unlike the spring where you may be greeted with a snowstorm when you arrive, the fall is guaranteed to have more temperate climates at all locations. The best part? If you fall in love with your new city and the academic opportunities it presents, you can extend your study abroad experience for a second semester, and gain all the benefits of spending a full year abroad.