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Daniel Fleming

Areas of Research/Interest

  • Assyriology, Hebrew Bible interpretation and cultural history, ancient Syria, Emar, ancient religion, interplay of ancient Near Eastern societies.

External Affiliations

  • American Oriental Society, Society of Biblical Literature, American Schools of Oriental Research.


  • Guggenheim Fellowship, 2004-05; American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship, 2004-05; Senior Fulbright Fellow to France, 1997-98; National Endowment for Humanities Summer Stipend, 1991. 


 Publications by Daniel Fleming

  • The Legacy of Israel in Judah's Bible: History, Politics, and the Reinscribing of Tradition. Cambridge 2012 (awaiting publication in July, 2012)
    • This book offers a new way for biblical scholars and archaeologists to envision how the Bible's story relates to history. It presents a fresh case for the urgency and interest of biblical study in historical context, embracing the complications of a text collection with the messy history of transmission and uncertain knowledge of the past. Focusing on structures of politics and society, the analysis is situated in the broad study of antiquity, so that ancient Israel may contribute to understanding problems in the classical world and other domains outside the Near East.
  • The Installation of Baal's High Priestess at Emar: A Window on Ancient Syrian Religion. Atlanta: Scholars Press. 1992
  • The Buried Foundation of the Gilgamesh Epic: The Akkadian Huwawa Narrative. Brill 2010 (co-authored with Sarah Milstein)
Democracy's Ancient Ancestors: Mari and Early Collective Governance

This volume examines the political landscape of the ancient Near East through the archive of over 3,000 letters found in the royal palace of Mari...Read more about this book

Time at Emar: The Cultic Calendar and the Rituals form the Diviner's Archive

The recent large-scale watershed projects in northern Syria, where the ancient city of Emar was located, have brought this area to light, thanks to salvage operation excavations before the area was submerged.... Read more about this book

The Buried Foundation of the Gilgamesh Epic

Based on contrasting characterization and narrative logic between the central Huwawa episode and the remaining material for the earliest Akkadian Gilgamesh, this book challenges the accepted notion that the famous epic was composed without recourse to a previous Akkadian narrative.

Professor Daniel Fleming
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