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Graduate Education

Graduate Study at NYU

Graduate education at New York University is committed to diversity: a diverse community of students, faculty and staff and a diverse array of departments and programs of study. Students come to NYU to pursue advanced degrees from varied undergraduate backgrounds, a wide range of fields and professions and from all over the globe.  The University offers graduate studies in the arts and sciences, as well as professional degrees in fields including law, medicine, education, dentistry, public administration, business, social work, and the arts. 

As a leading research institution and a Global Network University, NYU assigns the highest standard of academic excellence to its graduate programs.  Professors, instructors and other faculty are drawn from the top of their fields and are often working professionals, fostering not only superlative academic enterprise, but providing practical experience that is invaluable education for students.  The goal of graduate education at the University is to create a learning environment that cultivates creativity and scholarship, requiring commitment to excellence not only from students, but from faculty, staff and the administration as well. Graduate study is rooted in tradition—the Graduate School of Arts & Science granted the second earned doctorate in the United States–but is built around innovation and research.  Graduate education at NYU is about the future: the future of our ideas and the next generation of scholars, thinkers and leaders. 

The University's New York City campus and global presence allow for the combination of real-world learning and academic theory.  Our graduate programs attract working professionals enhancing their careers through higher learning.  Graduate students intern and garner practical work experience at the nation's leading businesses, institutions and organizations in one of the most vibrant, successful and enriching cities in the world.  Just as the professional world, research and academics connect for a comprehensive graduate education, the global and local intersect in New York City in an unparalleled fashion.

Graduate Programs

With over 17,000 students working towards one of over 1,000 distinct secondary degrees, graduate studies comprise an ample portion of the academic activity at New York University. Graduate education takes place across fifteen schools and covers nearly every academic field available, from the arts and sciences to medicine, law, business, social work, education, dentistry, public administration, and nursing. 

For more information on graduate education, please refer to the Academics sections of the individual graduate schools:

Thinking About Applying to NYU?

Want to earn a degree in medicine and in the humanities, at the same time?  Want to learn Arabic, while in the Arabian Peninsula?  Want to study for your MBA at night, at one of the foremost business schools in the country?

When you apply to graduate study at New York University, you are opening the door to a broad range of experiences that reach well beyond the academic interest you have in mind.  The remarkable range of dual, joint, and combined degrees offer connections between many areas of study and programs across the University, and our unparalleled international presence affords our graduate students a uniquely valuable perspective.  Beyond this, the many partnerships in place with specialized research institutes throughout the globe rounds out the promise that with New York University, you have access to a world of opportunity.

At the graduate level, each NYU school has its own admissions process. Be sure to review each school's website for more information.


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