Student Awards

2012-2013 Academic Year

List compiled by the NYU Office of Global Awards

MARSHALL SCHOLARSHIP. Jessica Mason (SSW ’10) was selected as a Marshall Scholar. The Marshall provides full funding for one to two years of graduate study in the UK. Jessica will pursue consecutive Master’s degrees – first the MSc in Global Politics at the London School of Economics, and then the MSc in Social Science of the Internet at the University of Oxford.

GATES CAMBRIDGE SCHOLARSHIP. Hannah Carlan (CAS ’12) has been named a Gates Cambridge Scholar. This award provides full funding for a graduate degree of the applicant’s choice at Cambridge. Hannah will use it to pursue the MPhil in Social Anthropology.

TRUMAN SCHOLARSHIP. Alexander Wang (NYUAD ‘14) was named a Truman Scholar. This award provides up to $30,000 towards tuition and other graduate school expenses for students who have demonstrated leadership, intellectual achievement, and commitment to a career in public service.

FULBRIGHT GRANT. Funded by the U.S. Department of State, these grants provide full funding for an academic year abroad to students pursuing independent research or teaching English. Ten NYU applicants have been offered Fulbright grants. Anna Duensing (Gallatin ’13) and Paul Kollmer (CAS ’13) will each pursue an English Teaching Assistantship in Germany. Rachel Gellert (CAS ’13) will have an English Teaching Assistantship in Malaysia. Mitali Thakore (Gallatin ’13) will conduct public health research in Gujarat, India. Julien Tunney (CAS ’13) will hold an English Teaching Assistantship in Italy. In our Graduate School of Arts and Science, Master’s student Charles Kollmer received a grant to study in Germany; doctoral student Gabriel Rocha will conduct historical research in Portugal; doctoral student Alexandra Steinlight will study history in France; and doctoral student Geoffrey Traugh will conduct historical research in Malawi. Steinhardt doctoral candidate Loni Bordoloi Pazich will engage in education research in Brazil.

Four NYU students were named Fulbright Alternates, as well: Nicholas Glastonbury (Gallatin ’13) intends to study LGBT and Kurdish identities in Turkey; Siv Lie, a GSAS doctoral student, hopes to study in France; Anna Reidy, a GSAS doctoral student, hopes to pursue ethnomusicology research in Morocco; and Gina Rodriguez, a GSAS Master’s student, intends to pursue a creative writing project in Chile.

PAUL & DAISY SOROS FELLOWSHIP FOR NEW AMERICANS. The NYU community has three Soros Fellows this year. Wilfredo Matias (CAS ’10), Lilian Mehrel (Tisch MFA ’16), and Dennis Tseng (Tisch BFA ’04) were all awarded this fellowship, which provides a cash grant of up to $90,000 for two years of graduate or professional study. Only 30 Soros Fellows were chosen nationwide.

NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION GRADUATE RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP. Five NYU undergraduate alumni and current seniors have won this award, which provides three years of graduate school funding. These recipients are: Elizabeth Christine Arnold (CAS ’08), Ilana Gat (CAS ’13), Eric Min (CAS ’10), Steven Othello Roberts (Steinhardt ’12), and Benjamin H. Zobel (Tisch ’99). In addition, fifteen current graduate students (who are not NYU undergraduate alumni) in GSAS have received this award. They are: Dylan Thomas Bumford, Jenny DePierre Rönnblom, Jennifer Eyre, Elizabeth Goldfarb, Nicole Holliday, Stefan Vien Huynh, Alexander D. Kaiser, Karolina Lempert, Wayne Eric Mackey, Jose Montoyo-Rosario, Shane Nichols, Robert Daniel Riggs, Alexa Tompary, Jennifer L. Trowbridge, and Christopher David Wilson.

BOREN FELLOWSHIP. Funded by the National Security Education Program, this fellowship provides graduate students with up to $30,000 to add an international and language component to their graduate studies. Ana Defillo, an SCPS Master’s student, received a fellowship to study in Brazil.

NYNY FELLOWSHIP. Three NYU undergraduates have been named Fellows by the organization New York Needs You (NYNY), which provides mentorship and advisement to first-generation college students. Our recipients this year are: Yasimen Aboubaker (Stern ’16), Melissa Almonte (CAS ’16), and Eugene Cheung (Stern ’15).

BENJAMIN A. GILMAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP. Funded by the U.S. State Department, this award provides scholarships for undergraduate study abroad. NYU undergraduates received eight Gilman Scholarships for Spring 2013. The recipients are: Giovanni Barcenes (CAS ’14), Marcia Caceres (CAS ’15), Morris Fung (Tisch ’14), Julie-Ann Hutchinson (Gallatin ’15), Rose Martinez (CAS ’14), Deria Matthews (Gallatin ’14), Shivonne Ramprasad (Steinhardt ’14), and Charles “Strickland” Swanson (CAS ’15). For Summer 2013 study abroad, Wennie Chin (CAS ’14) won a Gilman. For Fall 2013, two NYU students received a Gilman Scholarship; they are: Nora Carroll (Tisch ’15) and Francesca Huynh (Gallatin ’14).

CRITICAL LANGUAGE SCHOLARSHIP. Sponsored by the U.S. State Department, this award funds intensive summer institutes in critical languages. Eight NYU students received a CLS award this year. Five will study Arabic: Christopher Fanikos (CAS ’13), Caroline Manela (NYUAD ’14), and Graden O’Leary (CAS ‘15) in Morocco; Jared Malsin (GSAS) and Audrey Watne (SCPS) in Oman. Sherri Cohen (GSAS) will study Turkish in Turkey; Matthew Keegan (GSAS) will study Persian in Tajikistan; and Zachary Wellstood (CAS ‘15) will study Chinese in China.

HUMANITY IN ACTION FELLOWSHIP. Samuel Kippen (Tisch ’11) was awarded this fellowship, which provides support for five weeks of intensive summer study of contemporary minority and human rights issues in Europe.