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Office of National Scholarships

The Office of National Scholarships at NYU is mostly known for its support of prestigious scholarships like the Rhodes, Fulbright, Marshall and Truman, which generally offer full financial aid for graduate study at universities overseas. We are here to provide support; we guide students to a diverse catalog of prestigious scholarship contests, advise interested students through the application process, organize workshops and information sessions, coordinate with departments and schools across the university to identify promising candidates, and can point to other scholarship resources to help students meet their needs.

However, we are also interested in the broader dimensions of scholarship beyond any one competition. The Office of National Scholarships is also focused on cultivating in all students at NYU an ambitious, far-reaching and complex vision of their own future. We believe that the process of scholarship competitions—the self-reflection and clarification of one’s goals, strategizing about the future, writing personal statements and proposed plans of study, imagining possible future selves and the impact they might have on the world—develops a set of skills that every student graduating from NYU should have. Scholarships offer a means to a much larger end, which is a clear-sighted and considered understanding of how you could go about unabashedly transforming one corner—large or small—of the world.

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If you’d like to know more about the Office of National Scholarships—its guiding assumptions, and its staff—click here.

Browse through the websites for these national scholarships and find a scholarship that suits you.

For advice on the application process—including extensive FAQ’s, advice on writing the personal statement and securing recommendation letters—click here.

Each of NYU's undergraduate schools has a scholarships adviser to assist students in the preparation of their applications. To find yours, consult the list here.

University endorsement must be obtained prior to submitting an application for a national scholarship. In order to obtain endorsement, students must submit a draft application to the NYU Office of National Scholarships by the designated campus deadline. As part of the application process, all draft application materials are reviewed, students are interviewed, and candidates are selected for endorsement. Letters from the president or a dean will be written only after a student has this approval. Faculty and administrators representing all of the University's undergraduate schools participate in the review process.

Information for International Students

Click here to download a PDF which lists approximately 100 different opportunities which are open to international students. (Thanks to members of the National Association of Fellowships Advisors, who collectively assembled the opportunities on this list. Updated February 2015)

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