Travel Opportunities

Domestic and international travel colloquia, and research projects offer scholars additional insight into the human experience from a variety of perspectives. International travel, in particular, is designed to work in tandem with New York University's commitment to global learning and cooperation. Scholars assist with the selection of our travel destination and complete individual and/or group research projects related to the destination and theme. Scholars travel domestically one year, and internationally, the next year. Over the years, travel colloquia have taken scholars to Brazil, Greece, Senegal, Spain, France, Ghana, New Orleans, Alabama, Atlanta, Virgin Islands, the Gullah Islands, Morocco, Peru, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., and Israel.

Junior Year Study Away

During the Junior year. Scholars may choose to complete degree requirements, either fall or spring semester, at one of the NYU Study Away sites. Tuition is portable, and the Program will provide support to help defray the costs of travel and housing. If a student’s program of study restricts studying away for a semester during their Junior year, requests for exceptions may be considered.  

NYU Study Abroad Sites include:

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